bathroom designs

Bathroom Design

Unique bathroom designs and ideas

The bathroom design should’ve separate glassy shower area, fancy taps a fancy piece of wash basin over cabinet.

Bathroom should be clean and spa to feel more relaxed. There should be custom glossy tiles, bathtub and the cabinet.

Below lets have look on some unique master pieces of designer bathroom may be you get your dream design.

What should be the size of bathroom?

A standard Bathroom should be of 36 to 40 square feet and the best dimensions for master bathroom for a house is 8×5 or 5×8 feet.

In a master bathroom you can easily install the bathtub, wash basin with cabinet, shower area and the water closet. The more wider the more it feel relaxed in bathroom.

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Bathroom Interior Design:

This bath with white interior looks really cool when it comes to simplicity & spa. This well designed and bathroom with all the facilities and cleanliness.

It has a well sized bathtub and 1+1 modern designed wash basins over well made cabinet and a glass framed watercloset.

Under Wash basin there brownish shade marble piece and same as on the floor of bathroom. Its makes the bathroom look perfectly designed.

Small bath Design:

Small bath with unique interior
Small bathroom with unique interior

This Small Bathroom Design has really good design to cover the space and provide all the facilities in a small bathroom.

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It has classical tiles on shower area, oval shape mirror above the cabinet and the modern wash basin.

Bathroom tiles design:

The most adorable bathroom with a vintage style of bathroom tiles design & of huge mirror, with brick shaped tiles over the wall around mirror to look more classy.

It has very well cabinet with a modern wash basin. On the floor it has wooden style tiles which give it more vintage look. Plus it has all the modern elements.

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Bathroom wall tiles design:

Bath tiles and interior
Bathroom tiles and interior designing

This bathroom has it own uniqueness, it has dark bathroom wall tiles and cabinet combination but it looks more cooler than light colored bathrooms.

It has wide wash basin shelf and with two simple mirrors and two wash basins.

Modern Bathroom Designs:

A modern bath design with polished glossy wood work on side wall with matching bathtub & basins. You may just feel like to spend time there for relaxing.

The perfectly designed color combination with huge size of bathtub and the mirror.

Bathroom tiles design:

The shorter the space the harder is to design, but this bath tiles combination has more aesthetic look.

Modern bathroom designs
Modern bathroom designs

This small size bathroom colour combination is really gorgeous with black tiles on wall and same under the wash basin over the white cabinet on other hand the wooden style brown tiles on floor.

Small bathroom design:

Another small bath with empty brown floor tiles and white bathtub combination with white tiles on upper portion of wall.

Single wash basin with a single cabinet and a bathtub with hand shower. There’s no separate shower area but really amazing layout and designed.

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Simple bathroom design:

This simple design of bath is another next level simplicity & modernity with modern fittings with a water closet and wash basin without cabinet.

Small and simple bathroom
Small and simple bathroom

It has a big separate shower area. There’s no bathtub separately but the white tile and mirrors combination are extra ordinary.

Bathroom wall tiles:

It has really nice wall tiles design, with flower pots make it looks naturally made bath with watercloset & hand made wash basin. A huge size mirror on wall top make it look more shinny.

Bath interior design:

Again a small size bathroom with a fancy interior design. White tiles on wall and a white dotted marble under wash basin. A modern designed wash basin and faucet.


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