Business Signage: Design Ideas, Tips, and Resources

Business Signage: Design Ideas, Tips, and Resources

Over 60% of businesses report a 10% increase in sales by adding or updating their signs.

Business signage is a great way to show potential customers that you’re open for business and what you offer. When done right, signage can be a powerful marketing tool that helps attract new customers, increase sales, and build brand awareness.

If you are looking for business sign ideas, tips, and resources, this guide is for you.

Keep It Simple

Keeping your signage simple is a great tip to remember when designing your business signage.

Simple signs make it easier for people to read, which means they’re more likely to understand what you’re trying to say. This is important because it means that your message will come across clearly and effectively.

The more complicated your sign is, the harder it will be to understand.

Highlight Your Brand

One of the best ways to make your business signage stand out is by highlighting your business branding.

This means that you should include things like your logo, slogan, colors, and fonts. The more you can incorporate these elements into your signage, the easier it will be for people to recognize and associate them with your company.

Use the Right Tone

One of the most important aspects of your signage is the tone you use. You want to make sure that it’s appropriate for the type of business you have and the audience you’re trying to reach.

If you’re a more formal business, then you will probably want to use a more serious tone. However, if your company is more casual and relaxed, then using a friendlier and more conversational tone might be appropriate.

Make Sure It’s Readable

One of the most important things to remember when designing your signage is that it needs to be readable.

You don’t want people walking by your business and not being able to read what it says because it’s too small or hard to see in a certain light. Make sure that your signage is large enough to be read from a distance and that it stands out from its surroundings.

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Make Use of Specialty Signage

Specialty signage can be an effective way to draw attention to your business.

Specialty signage can range from a beautiful neon sign to a fancy laser-cut sign. If you want to use specialty signage, make sure that it matches the rest of your branding and that it’s appropriate for your business.

Creating Your Business Signage Can Be Fun

Business signage can be a great way to brand your business and attract new customers.

If you want to create your business signage, make sure that it matches the rest of your branding. You should also make sure it’s appropriate for your business.

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