Concrete tamper: Why you need to tamp concrete?

concrete tamper

In this post we will discuss what is concrete tamper? and why do you need to do concrete tamp? Further we will discuss Construction and building materials  and how to make concrete tamper & where to buy or rent it?

What is concrete tamper?

Concrete tamper is basically compacting the coarse aggregates below the concrete, to make it stronger and durable. There’s a concrete finisher tamping stand, which is used for tamper.

Only if the concrete has low slump or less workability, you need to tamp concrete. When there is a high slump or high workability, coarse aggregates will sink naturally. When there’s low slump coarse aggregates don’t sink naturally and need a tamper to push down.

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Why do you need to tamp concrete?

When concrete has low slump, you need tamper to push down coarse aggregates to consolidate. If the concrete has high slump, don’t tamp, it will cause segregation in concrete. Tamping in high slump concrete will push coarse aggregates into bottom of concrete. This cause a thick layer of mortar at surface, which leads to cracking and wearing.

How to make a concrete tamper?

Concrete tamper can cost you between $25 to $50. You can rent it out but if you are looking for a way to make your own wooden tamper or steel tamper here you go. Simply just get the wood pieces which is smoother. Make a square by joining them with screws. To make it stronger put some wood pieces diagonally. Now install a handle on it. Same like this you can make a steel pipes by welding them.

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Best concrete tamper for sale?

If you want to buy tamper, here are some best tampers on Amazon. Here is the 36 inches Bon tools tamper its made up with iron with almost 3 feet of handle. Its really good and relaxing tamper. The second best tamper is also a steel tamper manufactured by bon tools. Its 12″ diamond concrete tamper with 1 foot of handle. It is good to tamp without standing at all.

Best concrete tamper
Best concrete tampers

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