Construction companies in Patna

    Construction companies in Patna

    There’re numerous construction companies in patna, which involve in commercial construction, residential projects as well as industrial construction.

    If you are looking for construction company in patna for vacancy? You are at right place in this blog we will discuss about top construction company in patna & their projects and point out the best.

    All of the top construction companies in Patna, Bihar are given below:

    1. Muskan Constructions
    2. Saakaar Constructions
    3. Nutan Constructions
    4. Pragya Engicon
    5. Acron Projects
    6. Rehanam Construction
    7. Sri Anuanand Construction
    8. JMD Group
    9. Jyoti Group
    10. Hindustan construction company

    Top ten construction companies in Patna:

    Construction companies in Patna
    Construction companies in Patna

    Muskan Constructions:

    Muskan construction is leading real estate and ranking at the top most position in the list of construction companies in patna. They are involve in many commercial and residential projects.

    Meena residencies is their ongoing residential project. Past few year ago they constructed numbers of residential project in Patna such as:

    Sarjoo residency, Radha residency, Mira Complex, Maheswari complex, Jasmati enclave, Ganpati enclave and more.

    Muskan construction was started in year 2001 by a civil engineer “Rajesh Kumar”. The company is committed to quality work and environmental safety. It has excellent level of construction supply and project management services.

    If you are seeking construction company in Patna for job? MC is right choice because of its flexible work hours and handsome salary package. To apply for jobs in Muskan constructions click below and fill in.

    Saakaar Construction:

    Saakaar is another top leading company in Patna Bihar. Their latest ongoing several acres township project is Aquacity, which was design by international architects.

    Saakaar is working on their projects with brilliance employees and new technology, which differentiate it by others.

    If you are looking for a construction company job in patna for fresher? You should go for Saakaar construction. There’s much more new technologies and construction methods done in township project.

    It can be result into a good experience site for freshers. To apply click a link below.

    Nutan Construction:

    Nutan construction company was incorporated in 1990 by Sanjay Kumar Sinha. The company has strong presence in Patna and managing its position in top list. The company has high level professionals.

    Nutan has two projects currently Sainik colony and Crescent residential enclave. Company has a good experience in residential projects e.g. apartments and complexes.

    The company completed several projects recently such as Divya K appartments, Hari Sewa complex, shivraj apartments, RK sadan, Nutan residency and many more.

    Apply for a job in Nutan construction.

    Pragya Engicon:

    Pragya engicon is another leading company based in Patna, Bihar. Its ongoing project is Pragya Savitri Enclave. By its architecture designing and quality control its projects is standing in unique position.

    Pragya engicon is best construction company in patna for internship To apply for internship in pragya engicon click the link below.

    Rehanam Construction:

    Rehanam is another infrastructure development company in Patna, which has expertise in residential and commercial construction.

    From 23 year Rehanam groups is on mission to develop world class infrastructure to enhance modern life tools. The company has wide range of projects in patna.

    Rehanam is well known engineering construction company in Patna. To Apply in Rehanam construction company.

    Sri Anuanand Construction:

    Another top construction company in Patna, Bihar which constructed the capital center and Sai enclave. It has excellent construction management & construction supply under supervision of project managers.

    JMD Group:

    JMD is one of the most experienced and finest construction company in Patna, which has expertise in road and pavements construction. It has done wide range of projects.

    If you wanna experiance in highways or looking for highway or boring road construction company in patna, JMD should be the choice. Its already enrolling & hiring professionals and engineer. To apply click below.

    Jyoti Group:

    Jyoti group is well known name in Patna in the field of construction. It has expertise in railway tracks construction & railway bridges. It was corporated in 2001.

    The leading bridge construction company in patna is jyoti group. To apply in jyoti group click the link below and fill up.

    Hindustan construction company:

    Hindustan construction company in patna, is ranking almost at the top position, when it comes to road and pavement engineering. It has several mega projects in different cities of India.

    It has installed 60% of nuclear capacity and constructed almost 27% of India’s hydro power capacity.

    whether you are looking for a fresh engineering job or professional, HCC is best choice at all. Apply below

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