Counters to Islands: Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Inspire More Cooking


Did you know that during the pandemic, 31% of people tried new recipes? 

The idea of creating an island in your kitchen seems overwhelming, right? Kitchen islands can improve traffic flow and serve as a place to prep food and as a spot for entertaining. If you’re considering transforming your kitchen, creating an island is a must.

Read below to learn different kitchen remodel ideas you can use.

Update Backsplashes and Cabinets

Updated cabinets can be a great counter to island kitchen remodel ideas. Balance can be added by switching out current cabinet handles for heavier hardware choices. Replace outdated cabinet fronts with new materials for a modern look.

You can use creative layout techniques to add more accessible countertop space. This island kitchen will be sure to inspire more cooking. Look for professionals that can make custom kitchen remodeling for your preferred design and style.

Introduce Innovative Appliances 

Innovative appliances can result in many counters to kitchen island ideas that inspire more cooking. A portable countertop induction range can be installed within a kitchen island. This gives cooks easy access to cooking next to working areas conveniently.

Another innovative appliance that can be incorporated into a kitchen remodel is a steam oven. Steam ovens offer cooks the ability to reheat food quickly and efficiently. With a built-in steam generator, food has more moisture and retains more of its natural flavor. 

Kitchen Island With Colorful Accents

A kitchen island with colorful accents is an inspiring kitchen remodel idea to breathe new life into an old kitchen. Adding bright and colorful accents through different materials can spruce up an outdated kitchen.

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Counters to match the colorful accents of the island will add to the new look. This will make a color monotone. Bright-colored counters will encourage more cooking and create a positive, eager atmosphere.

Change up the look and tone of the counters with a blend of marble, wood, and glass. Adding open shelving for cookbooks and spices will add an inviting warmth. It will remove the dull and lazy mood that a previously drab kitchen may have induced. 

Maximizing Natural Light and Air Flow

Counters to island kitchen ideas that inspire more cooking are about maximizing natural light and airflow. These elements can provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. It also gives the kitchen a more modern and updated look.

To increase air flow, consider installing a canned system designed to bring in more fresh air from outside. Reflective surfaces, such as a glossy white counter, will help bounce more light into the space. Utilizing low-profile, floating shelves for storage can also be attractive.

Creating a kitchen environment that encourages cooking can be a rewarding and enjoyable project that provides a beautiful and functional result.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Consider

This discussion of island kitchen remodel ideas highlights the importance of thinking ahead to create a functional but stylish environment. With thoughtful planning and considering the various countertop materials, you can make the most of your kitchen island. Be bold and get creative – your new kitchen is waiting for you.

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