what is epoxy flooring

Epoxy Flooring

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy is a unique flooring design getting popular these days. After concrete floor a resin & chemicals mixtures pour on floor and make it smoother.

Its takes 3 to 7 days to harden and make a smoother surface.As it is harden and dry completely second or third layer of resin & epoxy applied.

When these epoxy liquid harden it gives strong, stain resistance and glossy surface.It is used in commercial areas, hospitals, hotels & residential.

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What is 3D epoxy flooring?

There’s two types of epoxy flooring generally. 2d and 3d, In 3D flooring first you need to choose a 3d image and level it on concrete floor. Second step is to pour two transparent epoxy layers & make it smooth to give perfect 3d depth & view.

How much epoxy flooring cost?

Its cost isn’t really high. It is affordable as compare to tile or marble installation but the design & material can make it little expensive.

Epoxy flooring cost in USA?

In USA it cost $3 to $12 per square foot including installation.

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Labour = $1 to $7 Sft

Material & Equipment = $2 to $5 Sft

Epoxy flooring cost in India?

In India it cost Rs120 to Rs540 per square foot.

Material Cost = Rs100 to Rs280 Sft

Labour Cost = Rs70 to Rs300 Sft

Is epoxy flooring durable?

You may think of how long does epoxy floor last? Epoxy floor last upto 7 to 15 Years or may be longer if its more safely used.

Epoxy flooring advantages?

Its not easy to find the perfect flooring as every floor has some advantages and disadvantages as well. Mostly people prefer an eye catching floor and construct their floor as it is, but later on they just find ways to treat it over and over.

Beside floor looking there should be checked its durability, strength, construction cost and more. There’s several Epoxy flooring pros and cons.

Epoxy floor appereance:

As you have seen many floors like tiles floor, terazo floors, marble floors, wooden floor etc but epoxy flooring has a most unique floor finishing and appearance as compare to all. In comparison of epoxy flooring vs tiles, epoxy is more eye catchy than tiles.

It has 3d affects appearance which can make your room or commercial buildings more outclassed. It has really smoother , shiny and glossy surface.

epoxy flooring desings
Epoxy 3d design


Its not really high in cost as you say its not only millionaire’s game but a little only a little higher as compare to tiles and same at some places.

It gets higher according to your 3d effect image and color combinations, coatings and so, But as far it is affordable.

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The one of main advantage of this flooring is, its resistant against water, seepage, oil, gasoline etc. Because of resin and chemicals it has smoother and glossy surface which is resistant.


It protects the underneath layer of concrete from oil, water, grease etc. Whenever the epoxy floor got older and damage it would be removed and installed new one.


As its really decorative floor it has large number of varieties in it. It has 3d, 4d images floor and lots of sceneries. You can make your floor look alike whatever you want.

Easy to clean:

Its really easy to clean as it has really smoother and glossy surface.


Is it really unique flooring design because its new adoption, less people knew about it.

Disadvantages of epoxy flooring?

As epoxy has advantages, it has some disadvantage as well, which should be highlighted. Following are the problems and disadvantages of epoxy flooring. Its temporary, slippery, epoxy smells bad, need skilled worker to install and hard to remove.


Whather it is smoother and resistant but it is temporary flooring, Because of wear and tear it get damage a lot, get cracks and their appearance got dull. After some time you need to remodel the epoxy floor and you must need to put epoxy layers.


Epoxy floor is slippery when wet or there’s oil spill. It is not good for the area where water spilling issue.

Epoxy flooring construction:

Its not easy to construct epoxy floor. It need really skilled workers to construct a perfect epoxy floor.

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Epoxy smell:

When epoxy and chemicals are mixed and prepared it has really high fumes. It remains till harden. The darker the shade of epoxy the more it has smell.

Removal of Epoxy:

Epoxy should be poured perfectly, because when it comes to removal of eposy its quit difficult. It need really high skilled workers to remove it completely with perfection.

Epoxy flooring installation:

In India:

Epoxy Contactor Bangalore

Megaoxy in Mumbai

Grafiti in Pune


American Epoxy System

Westminister flooring

There’s a huge amount of epoxy flooring used these days as its more unique and asthetic look. Read also bathroom designs.


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