How To Clean Grout on Floor Tiles (Safely)

Grout is not going to last forever. No matter how well you clean or protect it, grout will eventually show signs of wear and tear.

Not only can a dirty grout line make your floor tiles look bad, but it can also be a haven for bacteria. So how do you efficiently clean grout without compromising your health or the health of your tile or vinyl floor?

Read on for some handy tips on how to clean grout on floor tiles safely.

Gather the Necessary Supplies

Gather the necessary supplies to clean grout on floor tiles safely. Start by gathering a large bucket, an old cleaning brush, cleaning cloths, a disposal sponge, and a good quality grout cleaner.

You will also need a mild bleach solution, rubber gloves, and eye protection. After gathering the necessary items, you should test a small area to ensure it will not damage the tile’s finish before thoroughly cleaning.

Prepare Your Grout Cleaning Solution

When cleaning any type of floor tile, you must correctly prepare your grout cleaning solution. Follow professional grout and tile cleaning information to repair and clean surfaces in the most efficient and effective way.

To make a safe, cost-effective cleaner for your grout, you will need white vinegar, baking soda, warm water, and a spray bottle. Start by filling the spray bottle with warm water and add 1 part white vinegar and 1 part baking soda.

Shake the bottle until all the ingredients combine and foam. You can add chlorine bleach in small amounts to the mixture for a more robust solution.

Apply the Cleaner to the Grout

When applying cleaner to the grout, it is essential to use gloves and a mask for safety. Next, use a spray bottle or other applicator to evenly spread the cleaner to the grout, ensuring it covers the entire surface.

Allow the cleaner to sit for 10-15 minutes, then use a sturdy brush to scrub the grout. If you find tough stains, maximize the cleaner’s strength by allowing it to sit longer.

Scrub Away the Grime

Scrub Away the grime is a great way to quickly and safely clean grout on floor tiles. The first step is to sweep and vacuum any debris away so the grout is visible.

Using a stiff-bristled brush, scrub the grout between the tiles, and watch as dirt, dust, and grime are washed away. If necessary, use a grout sealer to protect against future staining and discoloration.

Finishing Up With a Final Rinse

When it comes to finishing up the process of cleaning tile floors, it is essential to provide a final rinse. You can do this with a steam cleaner or a mop and bucket filled with clean water.

Start from the furthest corner and move towards the entrance of the room. You should change the bucket regularly to ensure the water is always clean.

The steam cleaner, if being used, should have the nozzle set to a wide setting to provide good, even coverage. If the grout is not removed in the first pass, just repeat the process until all the dirt is gone.

Tips on How to Clean Grout on Floor Tiles

Cleaning grout on floor tiles can be a daunting task if done incorrectly. However, following these steps on how to clean grout on floor tiles will ensure your grout is clean and safe.

With the proper cleaning methods, you can be sure your floor tiles will look attractive and last for years. Start to clean your grout today and make your house dazzle!

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