precast concrete

Precast Concrete

What is precast concrete?

Precast concrete refer to those individual concrete members which designed and cast seprately to fit in structure. It is cast in various different sizes and shapes according to design and demand.

Difference between precast and cast in situ concrete?

Precast is one of concrete type used in today’s construction. Precast concrete meaning “A ready made or pre made conc member”. Opposite to this, cast-in-situ refer to concrete members which cast, or pour concrete in formwork to cast member on site.

Precast concrete products include precast concrete wall, pre-cast block, pre-cast concrete panels, precast concrete slab, pre-cast concrete arches, pre-cast beams etc.

What is pre-cast concrete used for? There’re numerous structural elements in which precast conc is being used such as floor & roof, lintels, beams, columns, staircase steps, boundary walls sun shades etc.

There are numerous construction project in which precast concrete application are being aplied such as buildings, bridges, boundary walls etc.

It saves workmanship, decrease noise pollution and most importantly it saves much of time. You can just have your project done in number of days.

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Projects of pre-cast concrete:

Precast concrete constructions & pre-cast buildings are follows.

Is pre-cast concrete stronger? Yes it is much stronger and widely used in multi-story buildings. In recent year 2019 China built a 57 stories building within just 19 days with pre-cast concrete members.

Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia) is one of the most delight project which host 1500+ event yearly. It is also an example of pre-cast concrete.

Jubilee Church (Rome) is also wonderful example of pre-cast concrete. Villa Saitan (Kyoto, Japan), a housing complex is also built with pre-cast concrete, which gives an aesthetic look.

What are pre-cast concrete advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of precast concrete:

  1. It save much time on construction site.
  2. Theres not need of formwork if precast members are going to use.
  3. Good quality and concrete mix grading are insure in factory manufacturing elements.
  4. It can provide a smoother surface which don’t needs to be plastered.
  5. Curing can be done more efficiently and more economically.
  6. It can be dismantle easily.
  7. It can increase the speed of construction.

Disadvantages of pre-cast concrete:

  1. Large size of transport needed for transportation.
  2. Much worker or machinery needed to place it.
  3. There’s more chance of damaging while loading, transporting and placing.
  4. Its difficult to modify in case of pre-cast concrete use.

Is pre-cast concrete expensive? It depends on many factors like strength, quality, size etc, but normally precast isn’t expensive as compared to cast-in-situ. In fact it can save up to 23%.

Precast concrete admixtures?

  1. Plasticiser
  2. Water Reducer
  3. Air entertainer
  4. Set Retarders
  5. Setting accelerator
  6. Shrinkage controler
  7. Colouring agent

Precast concrete steps:

Pre-cast concrete steps are generally manufactured in controlled environment and delivered to the construction site. In simple words its ready made concrete steps.

Precast concrete steps
Precast concrete steps

It is manufacture with a good quality of concrete mix grade and reinforcement in supervision of experts. After getting harden it is cure continuously till 28 days.

Its advantageous to get a pre-cast concrete steps because its really less in cost as compare to cast in situ. The less cost of pre-cast concrete steps doesn’t mean it has low quality.

Pre-cast concrete steps are monolithic reinforcement member that preserve it from cracking and deterioration. It also made up with steel fiber concrete if there’s a demand.

As its a ready made member, it saves time and workmanship. You can get a high quality work as professionals are manufacturing it in plant.

As if constructing it in site may takes up to week, to plaster it and paint it. In precast case the professionals installed it with an hour or two. Its really a time saving. More & more people are moving to precast elements because of time factor.

Pre-cast concrete steps near me:

There’re many pre-cast concrete steps manufacturer and construction suppliers around. Some of them are as big as they work for commercial construction.

Precast concrete steps in USA:

  1. Precast Concrete Products Inc. (US-223, Blissfield, MI 49228, United States).
  2. Pre-Cast Concrete Step Company. (7900 Palm St, New Orleans, LA 70125, United States).
  3. Quick Steps Pre-cast Concrete. (10967 Clark Rd C, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077, United States).
  4. Totowa Concrete. (28 Burgess Pl, Wayne, NJ 07470, United States)

Totowa concrete steps cost?

On an average Totowa precast concrete steps cost $3000 including labour, and $100 per step. Depending upon work concrete steps installation ranges between $1100 to $5200, except $350 to $650 of removal of previously installed steps.


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