Professional Stickers for the Company

Colorful business stickers might seem old-fashioned in comparison to digital marketing. However, fun and decorative promotional products can leave a lasting impression, add value for the client, and help establish corporate branding. 

What are the benefits of analog marketing strategies like stickers, and what should we look out for when we plan to make use of them?

Analog vs. Digital Marketing

Modern marketing puts a higher focus on digital strategies. However, analog marketing should not be ignored. For many, haptic advertisement seems to leave a longer-lasting impact compared to spam emails and newsletters.

This is especially true for promotional items that offer added value to the clients. When they order a product and receive a selection of free, decorative stickers, they will appreciate the gift and recognize the professionalism and coherent branding.

Chances of Promotional Items

  • Studies have shown that promotional products often trigger the client’s wish to repay the gift, either by using the advertised service or by recommending it to others.
  • Additionally, if we offer promotional items that have our branding and clients use them, they carry our brand name further and make others aware of our services.
  • For strategies like this to work, promotional items need to have value for the client. That’s why hair salons give out free combs with their branding, while hardware stores use folding rulers. These products will most likely be of use to their target groups and thus will be kept, used, and seen as useful rather than wasteful or annoying marketing.
  • Finally, even if the advertisement has the same content, in our digital world haptic newsletters as opposed to e-mail are frequently perceived as more valuable.
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It pays off to use graphic designers and professional printers to create decorative and congruent designs that represent the corporate identity and branding. That’s why services like are a great option to create a variety of uniform marketing materials with the company branding, including high-quality mailings and decorative professional stickers.

Different Kinds of Promotional Stickers for Businesses

There are several kinds of promotional stickers we can create as a business. Overall, we can categorize them as:

  • decorative promotional items

These kinds of stickers focus on the clearly visible brand information the least. They might include brand colors and design elements related to the company and product but can be seen as decorative rather than clearly advertise a business.

These kinds of stickers are often used as promotional items that are given away for free, either at promotional booths and other locations or as a gift added to the package for free when selling products online.

The design of the sticker should still be fitting for the product and philosophy of the company. It can also be adjusted depending on the target group we are trying to attract. Overall, this strategy works best for younger audiences. Colorful stickers that can be placed on skateboards or laptops are common in this case.

  • informative stickers

Informative stickers focus more on including information about the brand, such as the business’s name, social media profiles, or address. They can be used in many locations and provide clear directions as to where and how the company can be found and contacted.

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These can be placed in display windows, on cars, or used as address stickers. Here, the functionality of the sticker is much higher than its decorative characteristics.

  • packaging material

The quality of our packaging material is an often-underused feature of marketing. Here, we can invest in especially high-quality materials and decorative elements that are designed in our corporate branding to set us apart from competitors and show that we go the extra mile.

Things like tape that includes the logo and decorative stickers to secure packaging materials are the little cherry on top that underlines a company’s professionalism in every step of their supply chain, all the way to the client’s home.


Professional stickers are a great marketing opportunity. Especially when used as packaging material or as free promotional items, this can underline the corporate branding, and professionalism, and trigger the wish to return the gift by becoming or remaining a client and recommending the service. At the same time, if the stickers are used, they can become free marketing for the business.

It is best to use a professional graphic designer to create uniform branding and use printing services for high-quality products.

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