Properties of concrete: Properties of fresh concrete

Properties of concrete

In this article, we will discuss the what are the properties of concrete? Further you will learn the properties of fresh concrete?

Concrete is a manmade material by mixing cement, sand, aggregates and water in a proper proportion. Number of factor effect the quality. A good quality concrete should have following properties. Strength, durabilty, fire resistance, toughness, workability, shrinkage, fatigue etc

Cement is act as a binder while sand & aggregates work as inert material & increase in volume. Theres many different types of concretes, e.g. ready mix concrete, precast concrete etc.

The strength of concrete depends upon the proper proportioning of ingredients. A little carelessness can effect its properties as well as its strength.

Properties also depends on mixing of ingredients. If it isn’t done in proper way the particles of cement will be more in some parts of concrete and decrease in some parts as well.

The part where the particles of cement is less that part of concrete will not get desired strength.

Methods of concrete mixing:

There’re two methods of concrete mixing.

Hand mixing:

For smaller projects mixing is done with hands. This method isn’t better as compare to the other one. For hand mixing, first, make a water tighten plate form. Then pour the cement & sand over there and mix in in dry form.

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After that pour coarse aggregates, on to aggregates pour the dry mixture of cement & sand. Mix it well and make a circle in center. Pour 1/3 of required water quantity in it and the remaining quantity poured over with shower.

Machine mixing:

Well its the proper way of mixing. It is used in bigger projects. In this method the ingredient is proportioned and poured into concrete mixer machine. First mix it in dry form by turning the machine drum.

After that pour the required water into it and mix it again for 2 minutes by turning the drum.

Properties of concrete
Properties of concrete

What are the properties of concrete?

  1. Properties of hardened concrete
  2. Mechanical properties of concrete
  3. Properties of fresh concrete

Following are the characteristics and properties of good quality concrete.

Strength: Mechanical properties of concrete

Concrete should be enough strong according to nature of work. After all concrete is really strong in compression, but weak in tension. If the tension/tensile strength is require, steels bars should be place in concrete.

Durability: Property of hardened concrete

A good quality of concrete should be durable, so that it can bear the atmospheric effects e.g. heavy rain, wind pressure, hot weather etc. It should have resistance against chemicals present in atmosphere.

Fire resistance: Properties of hardened concrete

Concrete should be strong enough against fire. In case of having fire in structure the concrete members shouldn’t collapse soon. It should have some resistance against.

Density of concrete:

There should have minimum voids in concrete. The minimum the void ratio will increase in weight of concrete, which ultimately increase the strength of concrete. The more the weight of concrete the more it will be stronger.

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Toughness: Property of hardened concrete

Concrte must be tough, so it can resist against wear & tear. This property of concrete must be considered in road and floor concrete.

Workability: Properties of fresh concrete

The mix shouldn’t have water cement ration more than 45% to 50%. Increase in water cement ration will effect its strength. Water content should be that much which provide ease of placing for concrete.

Srinkage: Mechanical properties of concrete

The concrete mixture should have minimum shrinkage after drying. This error can be remove by little increment of sand quantity.

Fatigue: Properties of hardened concrete

Concrete shouldn’t have any breakdowns after bearing continuous & constant load. It should have enough resistance and strength against varing load.


For different projects different types of concrete and different grades of concrete are being use. According to nature of project concrete should be economical.


The finished surface of concrete should be plain & good looking. A proper proportioning of ingredients and water cement ratio, result in increase of concrete appearence beauty.

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