Sand finish concrete

sand finish concrete

This post is all about sand finish concrete. Here we will explain about the sand wash finish concrete for patios, floors and pool decks. Further how to get sand finish on concrete?

What is sand finish concrete?

Sand finish concrete is basically a sand textured concrete. It has the appearence, like a hard sand on beaches and sea-shores. It is also called sand wash finish & washed concrete finish. Sand wash finish has the non-slippery, porous surface, the washed sand grits appear on the top. It is used for pool decks, patios, driveways, passageways etc.

How to get a sand finish on concrete?

There’s a easy process of getting sand-wash finish concrete for patios and pool decks. You can’t get a washed finished with common mortar sand and cement mixture. There’s a type of sand, concrete sand (unlike mortar sand) which is used with cement and water to get the sand textured surface.

Concrete sand is basically extract from earth depth & stone grits & its a sub type of wash sand. After extraction its washed to remove silt, clay, salt, dust etc. Larger and angular grits of sand remains, while the others smaller particles washed off.

To get the sand-wash finish concrete mix is M20 (1:1.5) or stronger concrete mix grade, which has minimum 3000 psi. Simple mix the concrete sand with cement and water according to the ratio 1:1.5. Pour the mix on the surface, smoothen it with trowel, Then wash it off with pressure water to remove the cement paste/cream from the top.

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The main technique is the washing process of sand finishing. After concrete pouring, let it sets, wait minimum 2 hours up to 24 hours. If the temperature is cold of course it will take maximum time to set. Check the concrete if its set out clean it with pressure water, which will remove cement paste from top surface and give the sand finish texture.

After the washing off, let it dry for 3 to 7 days (depends on weather), then apply concrete sealer on the surface with the help if roller. A sealer enhance the color, prevent from staining, close the pores on the surface and prevent water to enter.

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Sand finish vs broom finish:

Sand finish and broom finish are completely different finishes. It may look a little similar in pictures but no its different. Sand finish is a mixture of concrete sand with cement & water. It is obtained by cleaning trowelled surface with pressure water washing or acid washing after a setting for 1 day.

While the broom finish is achieved by drawing small horizontal lines on trowelled surface fresh concrete with the help of broom. Broom finish also have an amazing texture, its surface is non-slippery and resistive. This finish is mostly use on rigid roads to provide friction.

sand finish vs broom finish
sand finish vs broom finish

Sand finish concrete patio:

The Sand finish concrete patio gives more natural look for passageways and pool decks. Further you can draw any pattern on the surface e.g. diamond shape, square box, rectangular etc. Sand wash patio has the sandy and soft texture, which allows to walk barefoot with comfort unlike the normal concrete. As this is patio is non-slippery, people use it on pool decks to get a feel like beach & sea shore.

There’s numerous ideas and colors of sand wash finish concrete for house. People prefer it on patios, driveways, lawn and pool decks. Some people give cuts in sanded concrete floor to plant trees there or build fire pits, so it will create a forest look. Sand wash concrete last for 10 years or more.

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Not for only outdoors and pathways, sand finish can be install indoors like basements and laundry area. Its monolithic light color floor that give more clean look to the house. These days people prefer sanded finish to get a natural look around without going outside to the beach and so.

Sand finish concrete driveway:

Sand-finished is the best option for driveway. It gives beautiful look to driveway. Even if you walk barefoot on the sanded finish it will give ease to your feet. Wash finish is really soft textured unlike traditional concrete. You can make custom patterns on wash finish like a large stone paver, slate, square boxes etc.

If you are bore out of traditional or old concrete driveway and want a renovation, i will recommend you the sanded wash finish. Because it will give you a new look which won’t let you bore, further its easy to clean and can last up to 10 years and more, if there’s good maintenance.

Sand wash concrete finish colors:

Sand wash concrete can be of any color and any pattern you can draw on it. But the people usually prefer sandy color, tan, light brown or tones like different marbles & granite texture. These colors give it a natural look like soil, if you give cuts in patio you can plant trees there and get a more interesting look like beaches and forest.

Following are the most use and amazing wash concrete finish colors and textures. Just imagine the look of your house lawn, driveway or pool decks with these colors. These colors will give a unique look to a house.

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If you are sanding concrete on pool deck or building patio and fire pit in lawn, you have a best color option is light brown. Its the sandy soil colors which give the beach look. If you are installing wash concrete on driveway go with gray or tan colors. A driveway with a little darker color gives a unique look.

sand wash concrete design and colors
sand wash concrete design and colors

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Sand finish concrete for pool deck:

If you are bore from the traditional concrete look, sand finish concrete will give you more interesting looks on pool decks. Its appearance and color will give you feel like you are on beach. As washed concrete give the sandy looks while having non-slippery surface, its more applicable on pool decks. It will also prevent the children from slipping plus its easy to clean the surface.

Sand wash finish cost:

The average cost of sand wash concrete is about $12-$20, depends on the area, location, pattern & texture you want. The concrete sand price range between $28 to $35 per ton, which covers 35 square feet with 1 inch of thickness, mean 35 cubic feet. Further add cement cost & labor cost for pouring, depends on the region where you are located. Sanded concrete cost more than normal concrete but yes its worthy.

Acid wash sand finish concrete:

Acid wash of sandy concrete is actually a process of applying acid or concrete retarders on the finished surface. The acid wash or retardent expose more sandy look on surface, removes efflorensence and open surface pores, so the sealer penetrate well inside and it also prevent the surface from stains. There’s sulfamic, citric, phosphoric, muriatic acid used for acid wash of sand finish.


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