The Top 5 Benefits of the Human-Animal Bond

Recognizing May as Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re celebrating the ways that pets and mental health go together. Not only is there a clear link between having a pet and less stress – 74% of pet owners said owning an animal has improved their mental wellbeing. And 75% of people who own pets said that having animals in their lives has improved someone else’s state of mind. To fully appreciate the strong connection between humans and dogs, read on to learn more about how this bond can impact mental health!

1. Pets Reduce Our Stress

Pet therapy is a special part of human health. The power for pets to simply pet us can help lower our blood pressure and heart rates, and make us feel less stressed. Petting our furry friends also creates a soothing, stress-relieving effect that improves mood and reduces pain.

2. Pets Help Us Fight off Depression

Having a bad day? Your furry friend is there to take care of you and comfort you. Not only can your fur baby help pick you up when your day just starts but they also give you a break from fighting depression, part of the reason being that they’re not self-sufficient. They rely on us to take care of them–and reacting to their needs helps keep our minds off our own troubles.

3. Pets Help with Social Isolation and Loneliness

Some people might not understand the importance of owning a pet, but it’s important to note that pets can have a huge impact on our quality of life. Pets not only provide comfort, but they often increase the socialization and meaning individuals receive from them. Those who share those benefits with their pet by walking regularly with a dog might even form friendships with other dog owners out in public.

4. Pets Encourage Exercise and Activity

You may have noticed that dogs are always much happier than their owners, who spend hours every day sitting on the couch or staring at your smartphone. While we’re watching our canine friends out the window and through the windows on our way to work, walking should be fun for both people and animals.

The more physically active your dog is, the better he’ll feel mentally — and vice versa.

5. Pets Make Us Healthier and More Resilient

Pets have been proven to provide a lot of physical and mental health benefits that can help improve your quality of life. They’re also great for increasing confidence and making you feel generally happier. What’s more, they require a lot of care, which can positively impact your mood. And when it comes to resiliency, something like owning a pet can really make a difference.

Pets are great for people’s health, mental and physical. Here are just a few of the benefits of owning a pet: They promote self-esteem and offer unconditional love. Their constant care and exercise can boost your mood or outlook. And their presence or even just the thought of them cheering you on can make you feel happy.

Have You Hugged Your Pet Today?

Often, when we become attached to an animal, our mental health benefits as well. That’s why this month is Mental Health Awareness Month. To show support for the mental health community, you might want to hug your favorite furry friend today!

Mental health awareness month is all about raising awareness of and working towards a healthier society. We have seen that mental health impacts all aspects of our lives. From being happier to experiencing less loneliness, being more active, to having greater resilience — we know that love from a pet can make us not just feel better but actually be healthier. So this year, take care of your pets and love them back.


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