Top International Construction Companies

Which are the Top International Construction Companies in the world in 2021?

Following are the top international construction companies in the world.

  • China Communications Construction Company | China
  • Bechtel | USA
  • Turner | USA
  • VINCI | France
  • Actividades de Construcción y Servicios | Spain

There are hundreds of construction companies in the world and only few are known internationally because of their international exposures.

In civil engineering field, numerous leading companies are working to compete opponent and hold the first position and contributing to economy really.

Some of them provides a good project management & consultation, some provides a good architecture and some of them provides/designed pre cast member & material such as ready mix concrete .

Have a look in top construction and contractor companies by revenues and projects they have done already.

Top international construction companies

#1 China State Construction Engineering Corporation:

CSCEC is the largest construction company based in China. It is owned by state. By the revenue it is the largest construction company world wide.

Cscec Top International Construction Companies signature

Famous/Signature Projects of CSCEC construction company:

Theres numerous project that have constructed by CSCEC.

OwnerState of China
Industry &
State Owned
HeadquarterBeijing, China
Key peopleZhou Naixiang
(Party Secretary)

#2 Bechtel construction company:

Bechtel stands at first position construction company in 2020.

Bechtel’s business history was started when a farmer of cattle Warren A. Bechtel came to Oklahoma from Peabody to construct a railway track with his workers.

Warren A. Bechtel was born September 12 in 1872 in Freeport. He was fifth child of his parents, was graduated Peabody high school.

After finishing first railway road work he moved with his family around the USA for the sake of work for 6 years.

In 1904 eventually he moved to Oakland, California, where he worked in a western pasific railway as superintendent.

After two years of struggle he got his first sub-contract of constructing a part of a railroad section from Oroville to Oakland.

The same year he bought a steam shovel on his own and painted “W.A Bechtel Co“, and established a construction company.

Later on he was growing and growing to the position of top most construction company in 2020.

Famous/Signature Projects of Bechtel construction company:

Since 1898 Bechtel has completed 25,000 Mega projects world wide in 160+ countries.

  • In 1941 Bechtel got first shipbuilding job. Supplied 467 cargo.
  • In Bahrain Bechtel constructed refinery to produce 150,000 barrels of oil in 1943.
  • 1947 when Bechtel Constructed Trans-arabian pipeline of 1068 miles (1719 km) across Saudi arabia, Jordan, Syria & Lebanon.
  • Onward Bechtel constructed the first Nuclear Reactor to generate electricity from atomic energy in 1949.

After 1950 Bechtel Constructed their projects one by one and their mega projects number were increasing year to year.

Further they constructed Swift Dam, Chocolate Bayou Texas, Bouganville Copper project, James Bay hydroelectric project, King Khalid International Airport Saudi Arabia, Three Miles Island etc.

FounderWarren A. Bechtel
Founded In1898
HeadquaterReston, Virginia USA
Industry &
Construction Engg
Key PeopleBrendan Bechtel
Jack Futcher
OwnerBechtel Family
Revenue$21.8 Billions (2019)
$25.5 Billions (2018)
Mining & Metals
Defence &
Oil,Gas & Chemicals

#3 Turner construction company:

Turner construction company is leading company globally and now holding 2nd top most position internationally after Bechtel.

It is based in north America with 10,000 of employees and $12 billions revenue by constructing 1500+ projects.

Turner construction company was Founded in 1902 by Henry Chandlee Turner with the capital of 25,000$. Turner has very first project of concrete vault in Brooklyn for 690$.

In late 1920s turner got several projects to build high rise buildings for large businesses. In 1970s turner has completed numerous projects of sports stadiums.

An industrialist hired turner company in 1904 to build several concrete building and a plant, which was the largest reinforcement concrete building in US at that time.

In 1999, HOCHTIEF purchased turner construction company and made it their subsidiary.

Top International Construction Companies signature project
Burj khalifa Top International Construction Companies signature project

Mega/Signature Projects of Turner construction company:

FounderHenry Chandlee Turner
Founded In1902
Key PeoplePeter Davoren
(President & CEO)
Karen Gould (CFO)
HeadquaterNewyork, USA
Industry &

Civil Engg &

Revenue$12 Billions
Public Assembly
Hotels &


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