A Complete Guide to Buying Rare Antique Gold Coins

Gold coins have long been the cornerstone of American investments. They are sought after globally by investors and collectors who understand the intricacy of gold bullion. Rare antique gold coins can enhance the value of any portfolio or collection but learning to purchase them can be a little overwhelming at first.

The more you understand about gold bullion and the history of American coinage, the easier it will be to make informed decisions about which antique gold coins to purchase. The long complicated history of America’s coinage is comprehensive and intriguing, adding to the value of any coin added to your portfolio. Rare coins are fun to find and collect and they can add amazing value to your current collection or investment portfolio. 

Here’s what you need to know about purchasing America’s amazing, rare gold coins. 

America’s Coinage History

While the American government first authorized the production of gold coins in 1792, they weren’t minted and distributed until 1795. Only a little over 5,500 were minted with a $10 face value, which was quite a significant amount at the time. Multiple denominations of the gold dollar were continually minted and put into circulation. 

In 1933 President Theodore Roosevelt attempted to save the operation of banks by making it illegal for people of the general public to keep gold bullion coins. He signed an executive order that required the majority of the gold coins of that day to be melted down. 

Beautifying Coinage

President Theodore Roosevelt also decided that American coinage of the time, while valuable, was not pretty enough to be appealing. He set out to beautify American coinage and commissioned great artists and sculptors of the time to redesign American coinage. Augustus Saint-Gauden designed the Lady Liberty depicted on many coins today as a tribute to our rich American history. She first appeared on rare antique gold coins with a $20 value in 1907 but her design is so relevant and artistically beautiful that it is still used today. 

American coinage was painstakingly redesigned with numismatic beauty that incorporates the rich history of our great country. Every detail represents something relevant giving both collectors and investors many reasons to purchase rare gold coins minted in America. The United States government backs the value of every coin minted for peace of mind that your investment is sound. Antique gold coins are consistently sought after around the world for their beauty, rich history, and intrinsic value. 

Purchase Your Rare Antique Gold Coins

If you don’t have any gold coins in your collection or you are looking for a sound investment opportunity, gold coins are the way to go. The value of gold has been above $1,000 per ounce since 2008 and it continues to increase despite an unstable economy. Gold coins are a valuable asset for your portfolio, and they are highly liquid. Besides the value, rare gold coins are fun to collect giving you a chance to own your own little piece of American history. Whether you want to diversify your investment portfolio or enhance your coin collection, take the opportunity to purchase rare antique gold coins today. 

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