construction and building materials

Building materials: Building materials near me

Construction and building materials has a vast industry leading the world now a days. Generally there are different types of construction which are further divide into categorizes e.g. commercial, residential, industrial etc. Futher construction is sub categorize in different types of building construction according to materials being use and factor of safety being provided. In […]

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Reinforced concrete

Reinforced concrete: Fiber reinforced concrete

What is reinforced conrete? Reinforced concrete is a concrete with a addition of reinforcement (rebars). Reinforced conc is one of concrete type widely use around the world. What is the difference between concrete and reinforced concrete? Its the most commonly asked question. Reinforced concrete is same as plain concrete but there’s a use of steel […]

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Damp proof course

Damp proof course: What is damp course?

Damp proof course: Damp proof course cost in 2021? At the plinth level above the foundation/plinth beam there is a non-absorbent concrete layer, which is called damp proof course (DPC). It has 2.5-4 cm (1-1.75 inches) thick layer. Damp proof course (dpc)is mainly laid on plinth beam at plinth level or floor level. Why DPC […]

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brick masonry0

Brick masonry: Frederick brick works?

What is rick masonry/masonry brick? It the art/phenomenon of jointing bricks in proper way to construct a solid wall, which can bear/withhold load acting upon it, without causing any rupture to its structure is called brick masonry. What is Frederick brick works? Frederick is the leading supplier and retailer of construction materials such as bricks, […]

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Concrete types and its ingredients

What is concrete?

What is concrete? A mixture of cement, fine aggregate (sand), coarse aggregate and water with a specific ratio & proportioning is called concrete. There’s different types of concrete & grades of concrete. Unit weight of concrete is: Plain cement concrete (PCC)= 2400 kg/m3 Reinforcement concrete (RCC)= 2500 kg/m3 Ingredients of concrete: In manufacturing of conc […]

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precast concrete

Precast Concrete

What is precast concrete? Precast concrete refer to those individual concrete members which designed and cast seprately to fit in structure. It is cast in various different sizes and shapes according to design and demand. Difference between precast and cast in situ concrete? Precast is one of concrete type used in today’s construction. Precast concrete […]

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different types of concrete

Different types of concrete

Different types of concrete: There’re many different types of concrete used in construction field but the very commonly used type is ordinary or plain concrete. Most common concrete mix grade is 1:2:4. Concrete is a composition of cemenet, sand, aggregates and water. When these materials mix up they form a paste which get harder over […]

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Ready mix concrete

Ready Mix Concrete

What is ready mix concrete? Concrete that mix and manufactured in batching plant according to the designed concrete mix grade with ensured quality control is called Ready mix concrete. It is specifically mixed in batching plant according to costumer need. Batching plant is a computer guided plant which allow the exact quantity of material according […]

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