different types of concrete

Different types of concrete

Different types of concrete:

There’re many different types of concrete used in construction field but the very commonly used type is ordinary or plain concrete. Most common concrete mix grade is 1:2:4.

Concrete is a composition of cemenet, sand, aggregates and water. When these materials mix up they form a paste which get harder over time to achieve ultimate strength.

A mix grade of 1:2:4 mea s, 1 part of cement, 2 parts of sand and 4 parts of aggregates. As it is ordinary concrete mix grade so the water cement ratio is for this mix is (0.4 to 0.45). 40% to 45% to the weight of cement.

In concrete technology, there’s variety of types are being use on construction field. Day to day more new concrete types are being getting introduce.

The classification of concrete types are based on following factors.

  1. Material used in mix.
  2. Stress conditions.
  3. Mixture density.

Today concrete is being use everywhere, it gets much importance because it is use in every type of construction e.g buildings, roads, heighways, airports, tunnels, dams etc.

In building construction, it is use from lower part to the top story, such as in foundations, sub-structure, beams, columns, floors and slab casting.

Some types of Concrete are also use in water storage, water transportation e.g in pipelines casting, canals & reservoirs.

It is also use for some specific construction purposes such as fire resisting, sound proofing, water proofing etc.

The ultimate strength of concrete depends upon several factors.

  1. Aggregate size and nature.
  2. Mix design ratio. (cement:sand:aggregates)
  3. Water cement ratio.
  4. Mixing methodology.
Theres almost 26 types of concrete but the followings are the most used concrete types.

Plain or Ordinary concrete:

Plain concrete is most commonly concrete type which is use for building pavement casting, beams and columns of buildings.

It is the grade mix of 1:2:4 where the major constituents are cement, sand and aggregates.

If there isn’t high compressive strength is needed it can be use for dams. As it isn’t reinforced it is week in tension.

It has compressive strength of 200-500 kg/cm2, tensile strength of 50-100 kg/cm2. It is durable with density of 2200-2400 kg/m3.

What is the most common type of concrete? Plain/ordinary concrete is the most common type.

Light weight concrete:

A concrete mix with having less density as compare to plain concrete is light weight concrete. It usually has density between 1450-1900 kg/m3.

Pumice and scoria, expanded shales and clays type of aggregates are added in manufacturing of lightweight concrete.

Light weight concrete has the property of low thermal conductivity as low as 0.3 W/mK. In other hand plain concrete has 10-12 W/mK thermal conductivity.

High density concrete:

A concrete mix which has higher density than ordinary concrete and also called heavyweight concrete. High density aggregates like crush stone included in manufacturing of this type of concrete.

It has density between 3000-4000 kg/m3. This type of concrete provides really good resistance against X-rays radiation. It is use in power plants and in same buildings.

High-strength concrete types:

High strength concrete has the strength over 40 N/mm2 and can go upto 80 N/mm2. It is use to get specific properties like higher strength, high fire resistance etc. Burj khalifa is made up of High strength concrete.

Which type of concrete is useful in high rise construction? High-strength concrete is the type which is use in high rise building construction.

Reinforced concrete:

A concrete type in which reinforcement is use. Reinforcement can be steel bars, rods and meshes.

It is use where tensile strength is needed because concrete is low in tensile strength and steel is higher in tensile strength. In result RCC is capable of bearing all the stresses.

Which concrete type use in buildings? Reinforcement concrete is use for building construction. e.g residential and commercial buildings.

Rienforcement concrete is most important concrete type.

Ready-mix concrete:

Ready mix concrete can be any mix design grade as 1:2:4 or 1:3:6. It is same ordinary concrete but it is manufactured on batching plant and transported to the site.

What is ready mix concrete used for? Ready mix concrete is used, where there’s not enough space on site for concrete manufacturing or have less time and workmanship.

Ready mix concrete
Ready mix concrete

Precast concrete:

This type of concrete is molded in a usable form which is cured for time and when it gets hard enough, it is then transported to site.

What is precast concrete used for? Precast concrete is used for low rise and mid rise buildings. Its also used for office buildings.

Is precast concrete stronger? Precast is strong enough for construction. If there is high strength needed, it can be ordered on demand.

Read in detail about precast concrete.

Steel fiber concrete:

It is the type of concrete in which steel fiber of 30mm to 40mm in length and 10-20 micron think are used in concrete. Steel fiber increase resilience by cracking.

It also increase tensile strength and flexibility of concrete. It has been used for overlay pavement of bridge, airports and industrial floor.

Glass fiber concrete:

A concrete type in which glass fiber is used. It ised in buildings exterior facades to give more appealing look. It is also a provide good thermal insulation.

Steel and glass fiber concrete
Steel and glass fiber concrete


Shotcrete is prepared in same manner as ordinary concrete but there’s a different placing method for shotcrete. It is placed with high air pressure nozzle.

Self compacting concrete:

It is compacted by its own weight. There isn’t any need of vibrator. It has high workability. Is it also called flowing concrete.


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