Wood stamped concrete: Concrete that looks like wood

wood stamped concrete

This article is about wood stamped concrete and the wood plank concrete stamps? Further you will learn about the stamped concrete that looks like wooden piece.

What is wood stamped concrete:

Concrete is used in variety of ways and it can have many patterns and textures. The stamp concrete that has pattern/texture mimic with wooden piece is called wood stamped concrete. Some people prefer wood plank concrete stamps while other choose stamp concrete that look like wood.

Wood stamp concrete gives the realistic wooden appearance. Wood stamped concrete floor becoming more popular choice these days for interior, patios, passageways pool deck and for lawn. More people choosing stamp concrete that look like wood.

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Wood plank stamped concrete:

There’s different choices to be use as wood plank stamped concrete e.g. boardwalk wood, lumber or parquet wood. These planks and boardwalks have different sizes, but the size mostly prefer is 12″×4′, 12″×6′, 12″×8′ and 24″×4′, 24″×6′, 24″×8′. It cost $65 to $450.

Theres hundreds of patterns and colors for wood planks stamps. Wood plank stamped concrete patio gives more aesthetic and realistic look to patio, pool deck, driveways, passage ways etc.

Can you use real wood to stamp concrete?

Yes, Real wood is used from years to install patios, floor, passageways, pool decks etc. stamp concrete is replica of wooden floor with less budget. It gives the same look as a wooden floor but long lasting and with more durability. some people also install wood in stamp concrete to get more better look.

Wood plank concrete stamps, Stamped concrete that looks like wood
Wood plank concrete stamps

Stamp concrete that looks like wood: Stamp concrete wood look

Stamped concrete wood look is perfect way of making patio or floor that looks like wood. If stamping is install carefully with the combination of natural colors, it give the appearance more like realistic wood.

Its maintenance free and low cost as compare to real wooden floors. These days stamped concrete that looks like wood is being use in pool decks, passageways & patios. Further you can color it with any texture and wooden patterns to replicate with stamped concrete wood look e.g. deodar, yellow pine, reclaimed timber etc.

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How do you stamp concrete to look like wood?

How to stamp concrete to look like wood? To get a patio look like wood, you need to install stamp concrete. For this you need to hire a contractor from nearer. You can hire him on labor rate or contract with him on labor+material cost.

Stamp concrete is same as normal concrete, its just have integral color added in it. If you want to do stamping on your own. Buy a stamp concrete a little than you need, mix it with water and place it on site area. Before it place shuttering or stopper to prevent concrete from expansion.

Before the concrete set out, buy the wood concrete roller and slide it on the poured concrete to get the patterns like wood. Let the concrete dry for 3 days, after that apply the release or accent color of your choice on it.

Stamped concrete that looks like wood, stamped concrete wood look
Stamped concrete that looks like wood, stamped concrete wood look

Gray wood stamp concrete:

Gray wood stamp concrete looks really amazing with realistic effect. More people choose soft gray, light gray, cadet gray, ash gray etc. Here’s some grey stamps concrete.

Grey wood color is really natural and look really traditional. It looks really calm and peacefull. As it goes between black and white, this is a perfect neutral color.

grey wood stamped concrete
grey wood stamped concrete

Wood grain concrete stamp:

Wood grain concrete stamp has basically the same realistic pattern that a piece of wood has. It shows the same longitudinal rings that a cut piece wood has. There different types of wood grains e.g. curly, flaky and straight grains.

There’s different types of wood grain concrete stamp roller available in the market & online, and wooden planks as well.

wood stamped concrete patio:

Wood stamped concrete patio is becoming choice of people as compare to other patterns. Because of its realistic look its becoming more and more popular. If we talk about its durability it can last up to 25 years or more.

But a little more investment can give a more mesmerising and modern look to house. Wooden stamp patios have amazing natural colors which gives wonderful look to lawn, passage way or pool deck.

How much does a 20×20 stamped concrete patio cost?

As stamp concrete average cost $9 to $30 per square foot (depend on the quanity, pattern, colors and region). The 20×20 square feet patio will cost between $3600-$12000. It depends on your region and the pattern you have selected with the colors combinations.

Why is stamped concrete so expensive?

As we already discuss it, the price of stamp concrete depends on stamp pattern, integral color and the accent color (which highlights the line). The stamps of different patterns are expensive, if you choose a a unique or rare stamp pattern, the contractor will buy it or rent it which we will cost him and ultimately to you.

stamp concrete patio
stamped concrete patio

Stamped concrete wood pattern:

There’s hundred of wood types and each of them has a different pattern or grain and colors. If you want to install a wood stamp concrete patterns, first you have to select the pattern or grain of wood type. Such as cedar wiid, walnut, white oak, silky oak, teak, ebony, rose wood, ice wood, zebrano, Japanese ash etc.

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