Concrete countertops

Concrete countertops

In this post, we will discuss what is concrete countertops? Different concrete countertops colors and designs.

What is concrete countertops?

Concrete countertops are the counters made up with concrete. It if widely use in kitchens, outdoors, dinning areas, restaurants, bars, offices etc. To give it an amazing appearance color pigment is added. After getting dry it is then sealed to make its surface non-porous, heat and stain resistant. Concrete countertops are frequently use these days because of its durability and you have match counter color to the room decor.

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Concrete countertops colors:

If we talk about concrete countertops colors, there number of option you can choose. It can be tan, brown, white, blue, yellow, green, red, gray many more. You can even mix more colors to give a new color to your counter. Its good that you can give match your room color with counter or contrast.

concrete countertop colors
concrete countertop colors

Concrete counters can be color either by adding integral pigment to mix or applying acid stains or dyes over the counter surface. It can be polish, which is also a unique look. Integral pigment is blend in mix, as pigments offer wide range of coloring, you can achieve any color by adding pigment.

Acid stains and dyes are apply on dry surface of concrete, even staining & dye has less color options but you can mix different stains to increase the colors options. As the staining can be remove by abrasion and wear, you should apply sealer after staining and dye.

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White concrete countertop:

White concrete countertop is really popular choice for kitchen and restaurants. It gives really beautiful and unique look. White countertop is actually eye catching counter unlike others, which gives boring look with time. There’s high additive white integral color which is blend in concrete mix to get a bright white countertop. To prevent it from scratch & color fades, just apply sealer over the surface.

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Faux concrete countertops:

To make a faux concrete countertops is easy thing. If you got a wooden, marble or any other countertop and you want it to look like concrete, hire a contractor or you can make it faux on your own. You will just need primer and colors to apply on the surface and sanding it.

  1. Mix primer and apply it over the countertop surface & let it dry. Gray color would be better as it look a like concrete.
  2. Mix first texture coat and apply it over, let it dry.
  3. Apply second texture coat over the surface and let it dry.
  4. Sanding the surface with the sand paper.
  5. Hydrate the surface.
  6. Mix and apply the scratch coat over the surface.
  7. Last step is to staining the surface to prevent it from scratch and water damages.

Concrete countertops vs granite:

If we talk about concrete vs granite countertops comparison, concrete is more popular. As concrete countertops can have any shape with any color combination that gives beautiful look to room decor. Unlike granite, which has less colors options. Concrete has more thick and durable countertop as compare to granite. Although concrete can be pour throughout in any shape while granite needs to be cut down into pieces.

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Concrete countertop vs granite comparison, granite is heat resistant, while concrete when sealed. Granite cost you between $80-$180 per foot, while concrete cost you $70-$140 per foot. Both of them need sealer. Granite isn’t stain resistant while concrete is, if sealed. Granite has many color options while concrete has unlimited. Concrete can be cast in any shape throughout, while granite to be cut into piece. You can insert glass piece into concrete to make it more beautiful unlike granite & quartz.

concrete countertop vs granite
concrete countertop vs granite

Concrete waterfall countertop:

When it comes to concrete waterfall countertop, it an amazing choice. When you install a concrete countertop in a kitchen with waterfall tap, its really worthy option. As concrete waterfall countertops is non-porous, water resistant surface, its also gives unique look to kitchen. You can match the colors with walls or tiles.

Z form concrete countertop:

Z form concrete countertop is basically a form work shape, which is use to get the counter shape. It is use to get the straight and smooth edges finish of countertop. There’s a counter solution company, which provides z form concrete countertop services.

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Best concrete countertop sealer:

Sealer is use to seal the concrete countertop against wear & tear, scratches and water damages. Sealer is apply over the cured surface of concrete. It is done with the help of roller. There’re some best concrete sealers on Amazon which penetrates and gives best results, cheng concrete sealer 500ml, tuff duck sealer 750ml, globmarble countertop sealer.

Concrete countertop thickness:

The standard concrete countertop thickness should be 2″ minimum. Some contractors make its edge thicker while the other part remains thin, which is wrong and lead to cracking. Rebar should be use in concrete countertop to give it tensile strength. As there’s no support below the counter, it should be reinforced to prevent cracking.

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Concrete countertops with glass:

Concrete countertops with glass is really unique choice. It give an amazing and shiny look but its technical work to do. You can add glass either by seeding over the surface of concrete or add the crushed glass into the mix. After the pouring just sand the concrete with sandpaper.

Concrete countertops with glass
Concrete countertops with glass

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