Concrete wheel stops

concrete wheel stops

In this blog post, we will discuss what is concrete wheel stops? Further we will discuss the concrete car stops & parking lot concrete stops and concrete parking curb.

What is concrete wheel stops:

Concrete wheel stops is a curb used to stop the vehicle in a parking lot. The car stopper is use to stop the vehicle wheels to protect the parking lot property and vehicle from hitting & damages. It is commonly use in schools, commercial areas, hospitals, airports and anyother parking lots.

Concrete parking stops comes in different sizes as well as different weight & price. It has different lengths e.g. 4′, 6′, 8′, 12′, width is 4″,5″,6″,12″, while the height is between 6″ to 12″. For cars 6″ height concrete curb is use and it weights 280 lbs, while for the heavy trucks 12″ concrete stops are use.

Concrete wheel stops price ranges between $36-$80. 6′ wheel stops price is $39 while 7′ cost you $50. There’s also a plastic & rubber wheel stops in the market as well but i would recommend you because its not durable.

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Parking lot concrete stops:

Concrete wheel stop for parking lot is better idea to prevent damages. Concrete car stops mark the area, where to park the vehicle and prevent it from hitting any utility like pole and sign board etc. Parking curbs divides the space for each vehicle and give an amazing look to parking lot.

concrete wheel stops
parking concrete wheel stops

Precast concrete wheel stop:

Precast concrete curb or wheel stop are made up with high strength concrete having 3500 psi strength. It has #4 reinforcement bars as well to strengthen it. Precast parking curbs are durable choice.

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Concrete car stops near me:

There are numerous precast parking curbs suppliers. Some of them deliver them on site. Some of best car stops supplier are southwest scaffolding, NAC supply, homedepot, quickcrete.

Precast concrete wheel stop
Precast concrete wheel stop

Concrete wheel stop weight?

Concrete wheel stop weight ranges between 250 lbs to 600 lbs depends on the dimensions of curb.

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