civil engineering jobs in Hyderabad for freshers 2021

Civil engineering jobs in hyderabad for freshers 2021

In Hyderabad there’re many construction companies, which provides civil engineering jobs in Hyderabad for freshers. The companies involve in building construction, commercial construction, high-rise construction, project management and construction supply. In civil engineering, being an engineer fresher, they always want to practice their hands on site and practical work. Many companies don’t offer jobs to […]

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steel weight calculation

How to calculate steel weight?

Steel or reinforcement is an important element in civil engineering & construction field. If you are to to know How to do steel weight calculation or want to know the steel calculation formula. You are on right blog. Steel is being used in construction for a long time. Steel got importance because of its tensile […]

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How to calculate plaster and mortar quantity

How to calculate quantity of Plaster/Mortar?

How to calculate quantity of Cement & Sand in plaster? Calculate quantity of cement, sand and water cement ratio in plaster? Formula for calculation of cement sand quantity for plaster mortar. Plaster is the major part of building construction & cement mortar is used for plastring, a little irresponsibility in mortar mixture cost you loss […]

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Stair and parts of stair

Stair & stair parts names

What is stair? A continuous whole set of steps to join the two floors of structure is called stair. There’s two basic stair parts, tread and riser. The room or area where stair is constructed is called stair case. The rectangular shape unit is called step. The continuity of steps is called flight. A flight […]

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Residential building construction

Building Construction

How to construct residential building? There’s first step is to make an estimate before starting the construction of residential building. Material cost, labour cost and contingencies are included in estimation consideration. Before the estimation, building plans and drawings are prepared according to the need of resident/owner, then it is approved by the competent authority and […]

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high rise building

High rise building construction

What is high rise building? High rise building refer to those structure which is taller than average height of buildings. These buildings consist of more than 14 floors. Nowadays there’s more tradition of high rise buildings. What is skyscraper? What is difference between high rise buildings and skyscraper? Skyscraper was refer to the buildings having […]

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Reinforced concrete

What is reinforced concrete?

Reinforced conrete? R.C.C is a simple concrete with a addition of reinforcement (rebars). Reinforced conc is one of concrete type widely use around the world. What is the difference between concrete and reinforced concrete? Its the most commonly asked question. Reinforced concrete is same as plain concrete but there’s a use of steel bars, wires, […]

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soil bearing capacity

Soil bearing capacity & soil stabilization

What is bearing capacity of soil? The capacity of soil to bear the load of structure on per unit area is called bearing capacity of soil. The more bearing capacity soil have, the more it is consider to be suitable for construction. Because, if the soil is able to bear more load, the foundation design […]

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