Drainage Systems Assistance

Having robust and reliable drainage systems on location is crucial to collect and disperse water correctly. This is effective both when you are constructing a new dwelling or moving to an already-built property. That is why the advice of qualified draining specialists would be opportune to perform a CCTV drain survey or design sewage pump stations.

Another occurrence when drainage systems assistance would be inevitable is the case of blocked drains. Drainage specialists would perform the necessary actions for drain unblocking. In this article, we provide information on the most common drainage system types and reflect on the needed actions in case of drain unblocking.

Types of Drains

By understanding the variety of drainage systems, you will be able to select one that fits your surface and area best. Also, it would help you to plan your budgeting for drainage systems and consequent maintenance costs.

Surface Drains

This type of drainage system usually consists of ditches and channels presented as grassed waterways. To implement such a system, the landscape should be adopted in the following way – it should be sloped towards channels. That way the water will smoothly flow towards channels without stagnating.

Subsurface Drains

This system comprises pumps located slightly under the ground level and the ditches transporting water to them. Subsurface drains are suitable for flat landscapes and serve perfectly for neutralizing excess water.

Slope Drains

This system consists of pipes attached to inclined surfaces for transporting water along slopes. As a rule, slope drainage systems are common on roofs and elevated inclined surfaces.

Gutter Drains

This system is a perfect solution to neutralize water flow resulting from heavy rains or storms. Gutter drains usually implement aluminum reservoirs where large amounts of excessive rainwater are ingested.

What Are the Reasons for Blocked Drains?

It might sometimes happen that the water stays on the surface even when the rain is not heavy. This might cause water contamination with harmful microorganisms, which is obviously not desirable.

In case water does not properly flow towards a drainage system, there could be two major reasons for that. The first one is pump damage, while another concerns pump blocking with debris or litter. In any case, you will need professional assistance from drain unblocking specialists.

Drain Unblocking

The signs of blocked drains might not be visible immediately, especially when the obstacles are not significant. However, if you notice that water is absorbed slowlier than usual or stays on the pavement for long, then professional intervention is necessary. Prevention is the best cure, so do not hesitate to contact drain unblocking specialists for consultation or help.

The most common reason for blocked drains is the presence of outliers such as household and hygiene items in the pipe system. That is why landlords and house managers often emphasize on controlling what you throw into canalization.

Another reason for blocked drains is the penetration of tree roots into the drainage system and pipes. It is natural that trees grow each year, and sometimes can damage pavement, drainage systems, and other underground constructions.

Whatever the reason for blocked drains, it needs to be mitigated immediately to prevent further damage to the system itself and adjoint facilities. A group of drain unblocking specialists will come to help you with any drainage system problems. They use state–of–the–art equipment and the most recent technologies for drain unblocking.

Drain Survey

Years ago, drainage system problem detection was performed by a plumber personally. Such a specialist had to examine pipes in person and detect whether there are any leaks, cracks, or blockages inside the system. That usually took a lot of time and did not provide the needed prevision level as sometimes the root of the problem was not identified.

Nowadays, a so-called drainage survey procedure is performed for detecting problems in the piping systems. The drainage team relies on CCTV drain surveys, in particular, the ones with high-resolution cameras. Therefore, it is no longer needed to climb down the drainage system but send a CCTV camera for exploring the depths instead.

A drain survey is not only used when a drainage system is damaged or blocked but for prevention as well. For instance, you can consider a CCTV drain survey for exploring the entire drainage system in the house or office you’re going to move to before buying it actually. Inspecting such systems beforehand may also influence your purchase decision. If drainage systems are too old or wounded, they might certainly need to be replaced. This will impose extra costs on your repairs spending upon the property acquisition.

Sewage Pump Station Design

If you are constructing a house from scratch, then designing a drainage system is a must. And doing that without qualified professionals would be impossible. That is why you would definitely need assistance from drainage system specialists.

They will advise you on the types of available drainage systems and the ones suitable for your dwelling. Also, they will craft a design for the sewage pump station, taking the property size and expected water waste into consideration.

Drainage Maintenance and Repair

Having a regular check on the drainage system would be a plus for sustaining your property in good condition. Thus, you may refer to drainage specialists for assistance at any time to perform a drainage system audit on your location. They will detect any potential drain blocks and pipe damage at the early stage.

In case any deterioration or defect of the drains was detected, you will be certainly informed about that. Specialists will estimate costs for repair and inform you of the term of work needed to put everything into place for fixing the drainage system.


A natural disaster of 2023 in Emilia Romagna, Italy, has shown the importance of having drainage systems in good condition. Due to heavy and prolonged rains, destructive flooding took place. However, its impact could have been mitigated if the drainage systems had been examined in a timely manner.

That is why, making sure your drains are in good condition is crucially important for you and the people around you. If you notice any signs of drain blockage, call the drain unblocking specialists immediately. They will inspect pipes with modern CCTV technologies and unblock drains.

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