How to calculate mortar/plaster?

How to calculate quantity of Cement & Sand in plaster? Calculate quantity of cement, sand and water cement ratio in plaster? Formula for calculation of cement sand quantity for plaster mortar. Plaster is the major part of building construction & cement mortar is used for plastring, a little irresponsibility in mortar mixture cost you loss […]

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Concrete calculator: How to calculate concrete?

There’re many types of concrete and grades of concrete (e.g. Ready mix, Precast, Reinforced conc). In Calculation of concrete, first of all Multiply Length and Width & Hight to get Volume. It is same as Plaster/mortar calculation. Let suppose a slab of single story house which has 50 feet length and 25 feet width. Concrete […]

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calculation of brick masonry

Brick masonry: Masonry brick

Brick work: Brick wall calculator The art of laying bricks in proper manner is called brick masonry. A pallet of brick ranges between $140 to $470, while a single brick cost is $0.35 to $0.90. In this article we will discuss the most easiest way, for brick work calculation, bricks for wall calculation, mortar for […]

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