Best work boots for concrete

    Best work boots for concrete

    I got the best work boots to work on concrete, Considering how much pain do we put on out feet by working all day long. Many people asked me why don’t i get tired by walking and standing on concrete all the day. Today in this post i will share the best secret boots with you to work & standing on concrete all day long without getting tired.

    If you are looking for best work boots for concrete in 2021, you are on right post. Here we will discuss about safety toe boots, best thorogood, caterpillar & red wing boot for walking on concrete. Below i research and found out the best boots for you with buying links. If you will buy from the link i will get a little commission.

    Work boots for concrete:

    Why do you need special boots to work on concrete? As you know the concrete surface isn’t so good to walk on all the day. It has rough and hard surface that gives unpleasant and tiredness to your feet, while walking & standing on concrete. Further if you are pouring concrete, you must need to wear strong long shoes to work in concrete.

    As cement is highly reactive material, wet concrete can damage your feet. Though dry concrete surface can lead you to back pain, posture disability and joint problem etc. The reason why you need a pair of boot which are designed for concrete work specially.

    5 best work boots for concrete:

    Here we explained top 5 best work boots for walking on concrete. These boots can help your feet safe from wrench & sprain, they absorb shocks, help to keep your body posture. As they are soft insole they cause less tiredness. Here’s the list of 5 best work boots for standing on concrete.

    Thorogood American heritage boot:

    Thorogood boots are counted as best work boots for standing all day because its really comfortable insole boot. Though the company is manufacturing & designing the high quality safety toe boots since 1892. Thorogood american heritage is best Thorogood boots for concrete because it has steel toe to keep your feet safe. It has both wedge sole long boot best pull-on work boots for concrete and heel sole boot , further it has 6″, 8″ and 11″ height boots & cost $240.

    best Thorogood boots for concrete
    Best thorogood boots for concrete

    Best work boots for standing on concrete:

    Red wing heritage boot:

    Red wing boots are second best work boots for standing on concrete. It is purely made of leather with vibram sole & sift toe. Red wing heritage boot is actually a soft but comfortable choice. It is use by miners specially. Two more best Red Wing boots for walking on concrete, which has 6″ height with both wedge sole and heel sole.

    Red wing boots Best work boots for standing on concrete
    Red wing boots for standing on concrete

    Wolverine overpass: Safety toe boots for concrete

    Wolverine overpass are specially designed as best work boots for flat feet on concrete. They keep you comfortable even if you walk on rough surface of concrete. Wolverine overpass is made up with pure leather and rubber. It is 6″ high with water proof, abrasion resistant toe, oil, water & slipper resistant sole & cost $149. For industrial work use Wolverine durashocks shoes. Another wolverine 8″ steel toe shoes or wolverine 6″ water proof steel toe shoes.

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    Wolverine work boot for concrete
    Wolverine work boot for concrete

    Caterpillar boot:

    Caterpillar boots are best option for heavy duty worker and that work on a concrete surface. The company was manufacturing worker boots since a long time. Caterpillar boot has a steel toe with slip resistant sole & 6″ shaft height with cost of $69-$140. Cat footwear water proof, caterpillar industrial boot.

    Caterpillar safety toe boots
    Caterpillar work boot for concrete

    Irish setter:

    Irish setter are stylish and functional boots made for standing on concrete. It is one of the best insole work boot for concrete as its upper made of 100% leather while the sole is thick rubber. Irish setter is electric hazard and heat resistant with safety toe, cost around $130. 9″ high mens Irish setter water proof boot.

    Irish setter best shoes for standing on concrete
    Irish setter work boot for concrete

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    Features of good boots: (what to see)

    Wether you are thinking what to see while buying boots or what is the key features of a good boot pair? First of all the boot must be comfortable. If its hard insole, don’t buy it, it will not give comfort to your feet. The fleet or outsole of the boot should be hard so it won’t get wear out.

    The insole and fleet of the boot should be shock absorbing, so it don’t directly hit your feet and spinal cord. A thick rubber outsole absorb more shocks while walking on concrete as compare to others. Outsole should be slip resistant, so it will help you to be balance on slippery surface. Checkout the bottom or fleet, if it is made up with rubber it will be slip resistant. Don’t buy the boot if its outsole is hard or stiffer.

    If you are working on flat surface buy wedge sole boots. Wedge sole boot has a single piece of rubber from heel to toe. It has the more contacting area with ground. Always consider leather material while purchasing boots. Leather is the best material for boots, which is durable, comfortable and long lasting. If you are working with heavy weights get the safety toe boots, which has steel or hard board toe.

    Benifits of having good boots:

    May be you are thinking why to spend money on special concrete boots, if you can already work on, with normal boots. First of all having a good work boot will give you ease on work, so you can perform more efficiently. You can’t perform well, if you boots give you shock and pain in your feet. These concrete boots are specailly design to work on concrete floors.

    If something (brick, block etc) fall on your feet while working, these boots will prevent the damages, because of its safety toe. You may have seen people slipping on wet floor or in a raining day because of their normal boots. These boots have slip resistant outsole, which is properly design. Work boots really contribute to keep your feet safe & comfort, even give less tiredness on your feet as compare to normal boots.

    Why do feet hurt working on concrete:

    As you know that concrete surface is hard and not flexible compare to grass and carpet. While standing and walking on concrete floors, the hard surface give shocks to your feet. If the boots is not a shock absorber like normal shoes then your bones and body absorb it. In return you feel the feet & body aches, pains & sores. If you ignore it for so long, you wouldn’t be able to work after the age of 40 or less.

    Conclusion: My opinion

    In my opinion all of the 5 above mentioned boots are really best for working and even walking on concrete. They are designed with comfort technology, pain reduction & ease with work. If you spend long time on concrete don’t take a grant for your safety and health and make it sure you are protecting your feet and health with high quality of boots.

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