Non-verbal signs: what your body language means

When meeting people, as a rule, they pay attention to the appearance of the interlocutor – how he is dressed, what flowers he prefers, and how he behaves when communicating can say a lot about a person. However, we often forget about an important point – the gestures of the interlocutor. But it is gestures that can sometimes tell us more about a person and his character than we expect. An interesting fact is that some casinos and even online bookmaker can read a person through his face – and decide if it is a prospective client or not. In this article, we will consider the main non-verbal signs that can say a lot not only about the character but also about the person’s attitude towards you.

Hand movements

Raising a hand to the mouth during communication most often indicates distrust of the partner, and during one’s own speech – about insincerity. Therefore, if you yourself like to keep your hands near your mouth, then do not forget to control hand gestures when communicating so as not to create the wrong impression about yourself and your feelings.

Excessive gesticulation can also be considered a gesture of insincerity. Often, if you want to hide any information or divert the attention of the interlocutor, people begin to gesticulate vigorously.

And a person taps his fingers on the table – this means that the person is clearly nervous. True, it is not always possible to determine what exactly he is nervous about – from sympathy for you or for some other reason.

An interesting fact for girls: if a young man scrolls a ring on his finger or pulls a button on his jacket, this indicates his interest.

The repetition of your gestures can also be attributed to non-verbal signs of sympathy. In this case, you can be sure that you are attractive to the interlocutor, and that he is ready to continue communication.


Most often, hair is given out by girls. For example, when a girl touches her hair, as if wanting to fix it in place, this is a sure sign that she is confident. Also, a gesture can speak of confidence when a girl throws her hair back – this is a sign of inner freedom and a desire to open up.

And if, on the contrary, she covers her face with hair, then in this way she seems to be trying to protect herself from problems.

The look in your eyes

A look can tell a lot about a person’s feelings. If a person’s pupils dilate when looking at an interlocutor, then he definitely likes the interlocutor.

If a person looks into your eyes, this indicates sincere interest.

In addition to the look, it is also important to pay attention to the smile. In different situations, it means approval, admiration, and gratitude.

If a person looks away during eye contact, this indicates the opposite. This means that the interlocutor is hiding some information, is not sure what he is saying, or is lying at all.

It is also worth noting that looking into the eyes of the interlocutor is good, but when it is abused, a different impression is formed. Too much eye contact is often perceived as aggression and an attempt to dominate.

Leg movements

We rarely pay attention to the movements of the legs, but their position can also tell us a lot about the character of the interlocutor. For example, crossed legs indicate that a person is not quite disposed to a frank conversation.

But wide-spaced legs say exactly the opposite. With this arrangement, a person gives others a signal of dominance. Most often, of course, this pose can be seen in men.

But crossing the ankles means that a person is not confident or scared, he is uncomfortable. In this case, it is worth changing the topic of conversation or trying to defuse the situation.

Another position of the legs, in which it is worth paying attention to the atmosphere during the conversation when they stand parallel to each other, but at the same time tapping on the floor. Such a gesture has an exclusively negative connotation – this means that the person is uncomfortable and does not mind leaving the room.

Non-verbal cues can often give us much more information than the words a person says. That is why it is so important to be able to read the meaning of the movements of the interlocutor. However, when trying to find out the true meaning of the movements of another person, it is worth remembering that there are exceptions to any prequels, therefore, even if crossed legs indicate that the interlocutor is not in a position to talk, it may happen that this is just a person’s favorite position or he has his leg hurts – that’s why he sits that way. Therefore, before drawing conclusions, do not forget to talk with a person and watch him. Let’s dive into more details on Gems Bonanza slot.

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