Broom finish concrete & types

broom finish concrete

In this article you will learn about the broom finish concrete and its types. Further how to do broom finish concrete on patios, driveway, pool deck etc?

What is broom finish concrete?

Broom finish concrete is a groove lining texture for patios, it is also called brushed concrete. It is created by floating broom over the fresh concrete. Broom finish is most common finish use for patios, driveways, pool decks, rigid pavements etc.

There’re many decorative concrete finishes and the basic is trowel smooth surface, which is slippery. Due to which broom finish is use to counter slippery surface. Brooming texture is slip-resistant and easy to do finish. You can start brooming over the wet surface right after 30 minutes to 4-5 hours as the concrete finish its bleeding water and harden enough. The time duration depends on the weather conditions.

Concrete broom finish types:

In general American concrete institute ACI explains 3 different types of broom finishes, which depends on groove depth. Although there isn’t any tool or equipment to measure the depth, so the finishers done it with their experience and broom bristle proposed by ACI.

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Fine broom finish concrete:

Fine broom finish has groove depth less than 1/32 inch. It is also called light broom finish. It is created with soft or horse hair bristle finishing broom over the wet surface.

Medium broom finish:

Medium broom finish has groove depth between 1/32 to 3/64 inch. You can make it with synthetic bristle or horse hair finishing broom.

Heavy broom finish:

Heavy broom finish has groove depth between 3/64 to 1/8 inch. It is created with stiff bristle finishing broom. As stiffer the bristle will create the deeper grooves.

Broom finish concrete patio and driveway:

Concrete broom is a popular finishing for patios and driveways from decades. You can make it by dragging broom or something similar over the wet surface of freshly placed concrete. Brooming creates the small and noticeable groove on the patios, which is prefer by people for outdoor patios and driveways. As this is non-slippery, people preffer it for pool decks.

The small groove give me an amazing appearance to the patios. Grooves can be made in any directions with any texture e.g. straight & zigzag. Further you can apply dyes and stains over the broomed surface. It can be black stain concrete or any other color of finish.

Broom finish concrete
Broom finish concrete

Preference and the top advantage of broom finish over the patios and driveway is slip resistance. Firstly it provide slip resistance, secondly its a unique decorative texture. Further its durable, easy to create and low cost. This finish is use over the rigid pavements to provide friction for vehicles.

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How to broom finish the concrete?

To create a broom finish patio is really simple work. You can cast it by yourself or if you want to cast it on order it will cost you around $5 per square foot. Here is the step by step easy guide to create a broom flatwork finishes.

  1. Mix up the concrete material. The recommended concrete mix grade is M20 or M25.
  2. If you want, you can add the integral color. If you want a different borders, mix up the concrete separately for borders.
  3. Place the concrete, if you want any shape, make an arrangement by formwork accordingly.
  4. After the placement, make its surface smoother with the help of trowel and leave it for drying.
  5. Lets wait for 30 minutes to 5 hours to dry, depends on weather conditions. As soon the concrete water evaporates, and it get a little hard, use soft, medium or stiff bristle broom to give texture to the concrete.

If there’s a bad finish, yes you can fix a bad broom finish on concrete. If its already harden just grind the bad finish area with the help of grinder and patch it with new concrete.

Why do we put a broom finish on concrete?

The purpose of putting broom finish is resistance against slip. As troweled surface is slippery the broom finish provides the non-slippery surface. Although its a unique type of finish.

How long should you wait to broom finish concrete?

To create a broom finish, you have to wait between 30 minutes to 5 hours depending on the weather conditions. As soon the concrete achieve its initial setting time and the water evaporates you can start brooming.

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Do you seal broom finish concrete?

Yes you can and you should seal broom finish to protect it against corrosion, surface damages and stains.

Broom finish concrete texture:

If we talk about texture of broom finishing, its a unique, groove lining, slip resistance texture concrete, but it isn’t as decorative as other finishes. As the broom finish can have various random textures straight grooves throughout the patio or inclined, block to block an opposite groove direction.

Its more rough on barefoot as compare to other finish textures. If you use a colored broom finish, it will definitely give you a beautiful look. Even the broom finish plaster on wall is getting popular these days, which give a unique look to wall.

Colored broom finish concrete:

The colored broom finish gives really amazing look to patio and driveway. This finish can be color and stain with integral colors and dyes. Add the color in mixing stage when concrete is wet. Mostly use colors for broom concrete are brown, light brown, gray, tan, coffee color etc.

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