stamped concrete colors

Stamped concrete colors: Designs & color combinations

If you want to know about stamped concrete colors and designs or patterns. Here you will get the idea about stamped concrete color combinations with pictures.

Stamped concrete colors:

Basically stamped concrete is patterned or textured to resemble like stone, wood, slate or any other pattern. It has two types of colors, one is integral color and the other is antique/accent color. Integral color is used a base, which is added in concrete mix at batching plant or at site before pouring.

If you have old concrete floor or patio try concrete stain. Concrete stain is basically glassy patterning concrete patio with amazing colors combinations. Because of concrete porosity the dye/pigment penetrates into concrete and gives permanent concrete stain color.

What colors does stamped concrete come in?

Most popular integral stamp concrete colors are brown color, gray color, natural gray color, tan color, red color & wood color. The cost of stamping is about $9-$30 per foot.

Advantage of integral color is that, it mix trough out the concrete, so the stamped concrete patio or driveway give a uniform appearance. If the stamp concrete get crack, it won’t show the color variation underneath.

While the antique/accent color is use as highlighter in between pattern lines. Stamped concrete color combination depend on the integral and accent colors. The combination can give you more realistic look or either the dim & dull.

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Stamped concrete patterns and colors:

Basically stamped concrete has five basic designs or patterns for concrete patio such as wood stamp, slate, stone, brick and textures. Further you can have different stamped concrete color combinations and dye e.g. tan, brown, gray combinations to modify a stamped concrete and get a unique design.

For concrete staining, there’s also numerous concrete stain colors are available, such as tan, brown, red, gray, wood color etc.

How do I choose a concrete color?

If we talk about stamp concrete colors, you can choose any integral color for it. But to give it a realistic and comfort look better to choose the one from the popular colors. e.g. brown, tan, gray & wood color.

If we talk about stamped concrete release colors, there’s numerous option available, but the dark for light is best combination. It means if you have a tan stamp concrete choose a brown or dark release/accent color. If you choose brown or gray integral color, the release color should be black.

Can you change the color of stamped concrete?

Yes, you can change the color of stamp concrete. Once the placement of concrete is done and its dried, you can then apply the new required color upon it. Color changing problems occur, when color is fade out, gives a unrealistic or bad look which is due to choosing the wrong combinations of integral and accent colors.

Best stamped concrete patterns and colors:

Stamp concrete can be cast in any patterns with different stamped concrete color combinations Most popular patterns are slate, wood, brick, regular and irregular shapes. Different concrete patterns used on different locations.

On pool deck people prefer wood and slate pattern with brown and natural gray color. For patio and drive ways people use brick and stone patterns with color combination of tan and red.

Popular stamped concrete patio colors: Colored concrete patio

For patios and driveways people prefer slate and brick stamp concrete with a tan, gray and red color combination. Dark brown and black is use as antique/accent on patios. It gives aesthetic appearance and nice look to patio.

How long does colored stamped concrete last?

The life span of stamped concrete is about 25 years, which is almost same as normal concrete. Because both the concrete are pored and mix in same manners. If you don’t compromise the quality of concrete, and place it adequately with proper maintanance, it can last more than 25 years.

If you use color hardner (Engineered method to color the the concrete by adding blend pigment, cement and fine aggregate). This gives more durability and strength to concrete, because it create a dense/thick layer on concrete surface.

Black concrete stain:

Black concrete stain acid react chemically and penetrates into concrete surface pores and produce a permanent color by making bond. There’re many concrete stain colors available such as black, red, coffee, brown, tan, gray etc.

Best black concrete stain gallon is selling on amazon which cost $44 and cover between 200 to 400 sq ft depending on coating. This is really easy to apply just add water and apply over the surface with roller. It can be applied on already stained surface but the last result may be different.


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