Ready mix concrete: Ready mix concrete near me

Ready mix concrete

In this article, we will discuss the ready mix concrete. Further explain the ready mix concrete suppliers near you and its price?

What is ready mix concrete?

Concrete that mix and manufactured in batching plant according to the designed concrete mix grade with ensured quality control is called Ready mix concrete.

It is specifically mixed in batching plant according to costumer need. Batching plant is a computer guided plant which allow the exact quantity of material according to the exact mix design.

As it is computer guided there is a much better quality control option with less error as compare to manual mix concrete on site.

In batching plant there’s a series of concrete mix grade and water cement ratio so the concrete could be ready in minutes by pressing single button without any quality compromises.

Admixtures can be added too if there’s a need of high workability or need to increasing in initial setting.

What is ready mix concrete used for? It is used, where there’s not enough space on site for concrete manufacturing or have less time and workmanship.

Before, ready mix concrete was not used much, but today the world is getting more & more mega projects and skyscrapers within cities there’s high demand of ready mix concrete because it reduce the man power and time.

In other hand ready mix concrete also used where, there is not much space on site for manually mixing or they aren’t willing to do so.

On mega projects ready mix concrete is best option because, you give the responsibility of quality control, testing material, construction supply chain & concrete mix design to the specialists who are made for those jobs.

It saves your time, man power and workers. Ready mix concrete is purchased & sold by volume in USA its cubic meter/yard. As it is computer guided batching there is consistency and continuity in batches.

Ready mix concrete
Ready mix concrete

Is RMC good to use on site?

The answer is Yes! Except its higher in price but with ready mix concrete you can really save you time, space and workmanship.

Ready mix concrete near me: Ready mixed concrete supplier

There are many ready mix conc suppliers and manufacturer in USA, UK and India. Some of them are as follows.

Ready mix concrete company and supplier in USA near you:

Following are the ready mix concrete companies and suppliers in USA.

  1. Ready Mix USA Shop , Dalton, GA 30721, United States.
  2. Argos USA Ready Mixed Concrete, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870, United States.
  3. Cemex, CA,USA.

Ready mixed concrete supplier in UK near you:

Following are the ready mix concrete suppliers in UK.

  1. CEMEX concrete plant.
  2. Easymix concrete UK ltd.
  3. Rapid ready mix concrete in London .

RMC supplier in India nearer:

Following are the ready mixed concrete suppliers in India.

  1. RMC Readymix (India) Raipur, Chattisgarh, India.
  3. RDC Concrete India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India

Ready mixed concrete bags calculation:

Calculation of concrete mix is regular job on site but its not really complex but simple mathematical calculation.

Length of slab = 10 feet

Width of slab = 10 feet

Thickness of slab = 5 Inches

L×W×T = 10×10×(5/12) = 41.66 cft

*(5/12) to convert inches into feet.

Divide 41.66 by 35.31 (1cum=35.31cft) to convert into cubic meter which is 1.17 Cum.

As it is wet volume of concrete, to convert it into dry volume multiply it with 1.54. Because dry volume is 1.54 times to wet volume. Wet volume is shrunken volume after water evaporation and air voids evaporation.

1.17×1.54= 1.808 cum or 64.15 cft (dry volume). If you are using 80-pound concrete bag, simply divide 64.15/0.60, so there will be 107 concrete bags needed.

Ready mixed concrete vs site mixed:

Ready mixed concrete advantages:

  1. RMC consume less time. As there is no mixing & batching process on site.
  2. RMC needs almost no equipment on site.
  3. RMC can be distributed on many sites at the same time over the project.
  4. It is higly usable for rise project.
  5. In RMC there is no need of storing of RAW material on site.
  6. While using RMC wastage on site is really less, as it is manufacture on batching plant.
  7. In RMC quality of concrete do not compromise.
  8. There’s a high consistency in RMC as it is computer guided.
  9. There’s no need of high workforce and worker on site when you are going to use RMC.
  10. RMC is calculated as single item and the estimation is really easy.
  11. In RMC there’s a less space needed for transit mixer truck to pour concrete.
  12. Large amount of concrete batches can be delivered by batching plant.
  13. RMC is high in cost as compare to site mix concrete.
  14. If the site location is far from the batching plant, there is a need to add admixture to increase setting time and workability of concrete.

Site mixed concrete advantages:

Concrete which is batched and mixed on site.

  1. Concrete mixed on site consume time to batch and mix.
  2. It equipment for batching and mixer for mixing it.
  3. Site mix concrete can’t be distributed on different points even within the projects if there is a major project.
  4. It can only be manufactured on the point or nearest location.
  5. Site mix concrete can not be use for high rise projects. It will loose the quality while transporting to the point.
  6. In Site mix concrete there’s more space needed for storage of RAW material on site.
  7. In Site mix concrete there’s more wastage on site as it is batched and mixed on site.
  8. There’s a chance of quality compromise as it is done manually.
  9. In Site mix concrete consistency may vary as its done manually.
  10. There’s much workforce needed for Site mix concrete.
  11. In Site mix concrete its a little complex to estimate the quantity of concrete, as all the items are calculated separately.
  12. It requires more space for mixer, generator, and concrete transportation equipment.
  13. Large amount of concrete batch can not be delivered as its done manually by hand or mixer, it can be manufactured of single or maximum 3 bags of cement mix concrete at once.
  14. Site mix concrete costs less as compare to RMC.
  15. No problem if the site is far from batching plant, there is no need to add admixture.

Ready mix concrete price:

RMC price in India:

  • Per square foot price = 4200 INR

Site-mix conc price in India:

  • Per square foot price = 3500 INR

Ready mixed concrete price in USA:

  • Per cubic yard price of concrete in USA is $120 on average.

Site mix concrete price in USA:

  • Per cubic yard price of concrete in USA is $105 on average.

Ready-mix concrete price in UK:

  • Per cubic meter cost of concrete in UK is between £75£100.

Site mix concrete price in UK:

  • Per cubic meter cost of concrete in UK is between £65£85.

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