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    commercial construction

    In this article, we will discuss the commercial construction. Further you will learn commercial construction companies and the commercial loans.

    What is commercial construction?

    Commercial construction involves designing, building of commercial infrastructure. Those buildings which are used for buying & selling, offices, rental residences, retail shops and warehouses are Commercial construction projects.

    Owners hire local contractors to construct commercial projects. In these construction project there should be a highest quality assurance because that are built for decades and centuries.

    Commercial buildings needs a heavy machinery & equipments, project management, supritendent, assistant manager, assistant supritendent, contractors and proffesional engineers to work on.

    What is Commercial construction superintendent salary? He can make $80,000$ to $110,000 yearly base on his experience (5 to 15 years).

    What is Commercial construction project manager salary? His salary is between $78,000 to $95,000 yearly or more with the experience of (3 to 10 years). Without experience he can make up to $56,000 yearly.

    What is Commercial construction assistant project manager salary? It lies between $63,000 to $83,000 yearly.

    What is Commercial construction superintendent salary? He can earn up to $58,000 Yearly.

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    In civil engineering world Commercial field has different classes and each class has its own quality.

    What are the types of commercial construction?

    Type A: Large scale construction

    Class A commercial buildings have the highest quality because it is mega projects constructed in supervision of experts. It has HVACs (Heat ventilation & air condition control system), amenities.

    It has wonderful and more unique interior & exterior with more up to date technologies. These buildings should be constructed in most desirable location in the center of city. Example of type A is International airports, metro stations etc.

    Type B: Medium scale construction

    Class B commercial buildings are medium scale construction major project with better quality as compare to type A. Some of that buildings have HVACs & amenities. Investor target these types of building and make a renovation to return into class A. Example of type B is shopping malls etc.

    Type C: Small scale construction

    Type c buildings are smaller buildings & offices compare to type B. That are situated in less desirable. It has least infrastructure and needless equipment to build. E.g. warehouses, godown etc.

    Types of Commercial buildings:

    Its really big industry and it includes restaurants, retail and grocery shops, shopping mall, accommodations (hotels, flats, appartment) warehouses, sports facilities.

    High-Rise (Skyscrapers)

    High rise is a type of commercial building which includes resturants, offices, cinemas, clubs and shopping malls in it. High rise commercial buildings are well designed and has highest quality.

    It lies in Class A. It cost much more than average commercial buildings because of HVACs, amenities and their wonderful interior/exterior.These buildings situated in desirable area within the city which also effect their cost.

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    what is skyscrapers

    Multi Residencies

    A commercial building project that can be hotel, flat, appartments, plaza etc. It has also high cost because of well design and a high quality and installed technologies.

    Office Building

    Offices wether private or public sectors are commercial buildings projects. Office buildings are use for official work such as bank branch, real estate office, construction companies offices etc.

    Office buildings and multi residencies
    Office buildings and multi residencies


    Warehouses are also included in commercial projects which is use to store material in huge amount. It can be private or governmental like Amazon fulfillment warehouse etc.

    Shopping Malls

    Shopping malls and shopping centers are one of commercial project. which is use for retail and sales. It also used for restaurants and for cinemas.

    Warehouses and shopping malls
    Warehouses and shopping malls


    Hotel buildings are use for temporary stay. It is also a commercial construction with high class amenities and technologies.

    Commercial construction cost per foot 2021?

    How to calculate commercial building cost for construction? Not all commercial projects are same. They are divided into classes. But the lump sump rate is given below.

    The cost of commercial construction is 18$ – 22$ and can rise upto 35$ – 45$ or more accordingly.

    The cost may vary or decrease because of building quality, size, labour, material of construction, HVAC, Electrical system and plumbing work, Architectural and design of project.

    How to calculate the cement, sand and water cement ratio for buildings

    Location of project also effect the cost factors because some commercial buildings lies in the city center where the cost of land is more expensive and transportation of material cost more because warehouses of construction material are aside from city center.

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    Commercial construction companies near me:

    Commercial construction loan:

    The loan associated with construction and renovation. It is use to pay labour and for construction material.

    SBA/CDC Loan Program:

    It funds up to 5M $ and its for 10-20 years. It has fix interest and it can be borrowed on personal guarantee. Its down payment is 10% to 30%.

    Bank Loan:

    Bank loan is standard loan which can be borrowed by owners. It has interest rate. Its another option for building owners.

    Mezzanie Loan:

    Mezzanie loan is another option for commercial building owners.

    Commercial construction companies:

    Commercial construction companies near me:

    1. Ridgemont Construction. (Irving, texas, USA)
    2. TBC Commercial LLC. (Portland, Texas, USA)
    3. American Construction And Development. (Tampa, Florida, USA)
    4. Alaska Commercial Contractors, Inc. (Juneau, Alaska)
    5. Direct Steel and Construction – Company, General Contractor, Steel Builder. (Crystal lake, IL, USA)
    6. GE Johnson Construction Company. (Avon, CO, USA)

    Commercial construction companies in India:

    1. A One Commercial Private Limited. (Pune, Maharastra, India)
    2. Pamposh Constructions India Pvt. Ltd. (Delhi, India)
    3. RVM Constructions India Pvt Ltd. (Hyderabad, India)
    4. JMC Projects (India) Limited. (Thane, Maharashtra, India)
    5. The Binani Commercial Construction.Pvt.Ltd. (Mumbai, Maharastra, India)

    If you are looking for construction jobs you can also apply to above mentioned companies.

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