What is Civil Engineering?

In simple words Civil Engineering is a engineering discipline that deals with the Designs, Implementation, Supervision and Control of the civil projects such as infrastructures, buildings, roads, dams, bridges, irrigation and waste water management.

Civil engineering is one of the oldest discipline that is used for many years when people need to live with more facilities they changed it time to time to fulfill their needs. As people starts living in towns and get populated they designed reliable and durable houses, then builds hospitals, publics works offices, shopping malls, clean water supply and waste water sanitation system.

In future as people will need more facilities they will change the designs of buildings and infrastructures to facilitate their self. Time to time there are high tech buildings, skyscrapers, modern houses, underground tunnel bridges.

What Civil Engineer Do?

Civil engineer is the one who controls and supervise the projects. More often civil engineers has different jobs such as site supervision, project management, structure designing, quantity control, estimation, budget control.

Except site supervision all the jobs are done inside office. It needs 4 year bachelors degree to be a civil engineer.

Is civil Engineering Worth it in 2020and Afterwards?

If you are suspicious to know whether civil engineering degree worth it , then the answer is hell YES! If you really wanted to do bachelors in civil engineering then carry on but work on your passion, find it before is civil engineering really your passion or you are confused. If yes you will enjoy the designs, sites, managements and the handsome salary you will get. The construction project manager has the high paid salary plus the facilities and package they get is highly class. If you have good experience of project management you can easily handle the project and you will have the high demand in market for jobs. For civil engineering works the gulf countries Dubai, Uae, Qatar have high demand of engineers because of more civil works. In Europe and USA there already demand of civil engineers and probably more pays then gulf.

In simple words construction works will never be finished, as the populations are increasing that needs more infrastructures to live. So civil engineering worth will last as the world will last. Today countries are constructing skyscrapers, modern houses, high tech societies, towns, modern irrigation system , modern fast moving trains systems, this all need civil engineers to design, implement, supervise and complete the project under his management.


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