Do Sleep Gummies Actually Work? Everything You Need to Know

With nearly one-sixth of Americans struggling to fall asleep every night, finding natural  solutions that help you fall and stay asleep is understandably a high priority. Are gummies safe and effective tools you can use to experience better sleep at night? Learn whether sleep gummies work, and discover the best ingredients that can be used in gummies.

What Are Sleep Gummies?

A sleep gummy is a sweetened edible product containing one or more ingredients believed to help you fall asleep at night. Usually featuring a squishy texture and fruity flavor, sleep gummies are convenient to take before bed, and some sleep gummies contain ingredients that genuinely seem to help with sleep.

Do Gummies Really Help You Sleep?

Some kinds of gummies may actually help you sleep better. Ingredients like CBD, for instance, are being investigated for their sleep benefits, which appear to come at very minimal risk. Other gummies might contain melatonin, which also seems to be useful for sleep in many cases, or even magnesium or other supplements believed to improve sleep health.


The science of sleep is still evolving, but researchers now firmly understand that certain neuronal pathways in the brain are involved in the functions surrounding sleep. CBD and other substances appear to interact with these functions, with users often reporting deeper sleep that comes easier and leaves them more refreshed in the morning.

What Kinds of Sleep Gummies Are There?

The two most common types of sleep gummies are melatonin gummies and CBD gummies. Many sleep gummies now contain both ingredients, synergizing the benefits of both melatonin and CBD.

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Sleep gummies are further differentiated from each other by their quality. Some gummies for sleep might contain outdated or unhealthy ingredients like corn syrup or artificial flavors and colors. High-quality sleep gummies, on the other hand, contain ingredients like organic tapioca syrup and fruit pectin, making gummies both taste better and allowing your body to process them easier.

Do Sleep Gummies Contain CBD?

Sleep gummies contain CBD more and more commonly these days. As CBD has been accepted as a generally safe and effective ingredient by the natural health community, the substance has found its way into an increasingly wide array of product formulas.


Designated a cannabinoid because it is only found in Cannabis sativa, CBD is nonetheless non-intoxicating, making it very different from THC. CBD will not get you high, but you may notice the cannabinoid making you feel lightly relaxed, preparing your body and mind for sleep.


If sleep gummies contain CBD, it is very important to investigate the quality of the CBD extract used. The best way to do so is to consult third-party lab reports, which should be easy to find on the product page or with a quick web keyword search.

Do Melatonin Gummies Work?

The science surrounding using melatonin, a natural hormone secreted in the human brain, is complex. There’s no argument that melatonin plays a role in the human rest cycle, preparing your brain to fall asleep.


On its own, however, melatonin might not be as effective as other substances in eliciting deep and healthy sleep. That’s why it’s best to pair melatonin with CBD or another natural substance used for sleep, allowing the two to synergize together.

What Are the Side Effects of Sleep Gummies?

Some sleep gummies can have considerable side effects depending on your existing health situation and interactions with prescription or over-the-counter drugs. It’s important to research all the ingredients included in a sleep gummy formula before deciding whether it is safe for you.

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It may also be a good idea to bring the gummy’s information to your doctor so the two of you can discuss its benefits and potential risks. In some cases, the ingredients in sleep gummies may worsen sleep or exacerbate latent health issues.

Does CBD Have Serious Side Effects?

CBD is not known to commonly have any serious adverse effects. The cannabinoid is largely considered to be benign and safe for human consumption even in high doses.


There are exceptions to CBD’s safety. In the case that you are taking a medication that uses the same enzymes for digestion as CBD, concentrations of that other medication could potentially build up to dangerous levels. If you are currently using medication of any kind, it is important to consult with your doctor first before trying CBD gummies for sleep.

What Are the Best Gummies for Sleep?

The best gummies for sleep are safe and have effective ingredients, so CBD gummies immediately come to mind. CBD is generally considered to be safe for human consumption under most circumstances, and scientific studies have confirmed that there’s plenty to learn about how CBD might dramatically impact sleep health.


It’s not enough for sleep gummies to have CBD, though. The CBD extract they contain must also be made in a safe way and extracted from organic hemp plants. Furthermore, the finished product must contain less than 0.3% THC to be compliant with federal law.


More important than all of that, though, is that sleep gummies are made with knowledge and the intention to care. Knowledge of the science of sleep naturally leads manufacturers to conclude that CBD is a useful and desirable ingredient for sleep gummies, making the two a natural match.

How to Buy CBD Sleep Gummies

As you search for the best sleep gummies to buy online, start by taking a look at the ingredients. Is there anything there that makes you concerned? Look up any ingredients you aren’t familiar with, making sure that they’re safe and won’t interfere with any health concerns.

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Then, take a look at the brand’s reputation and other information about itself. Plenty of five-star, verified customer reviews are a must, and it’s also a good sign if a CBD gummy manufacturer is very informative about who they are and the products they make.


If you ever have questions about a CBD sleep gummy product you’re considering, don’t hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer’s customer service team. The type of response you receive will tell you all you need to know regarding whether to take things the next step by trying the CBD sleep gummies the company makes.

The Bottom Line: Are CBD Gummies Good for Sleep?

Is it worth trying CBD gummies for sleep? If you’ve ever had issues with sleep before or are currently having trouble getting adequate rest at night, the answer is yes. Not only is CBD commonly reported to help users sleep better, but research also shows that it balances your endocannabinoid system, encouraging overall better health that will naturally result in improved sleep.


The risks of trying CBD for sleep are low. Not only is the cannabinoid generally considered safe, but it also does not get you high, allowing you to maintain a clear frame of mind. Users also do not report waking up groggy, a common side effect of drugs and other treatments that forcibly shut the body’s systems down to facilitate sleep.


CBD doesn’t force your body to do anything. Instead, this cannabinoid will slowly start lulling you into a restful state of harmony from the moment you start chewing your first CBD gummy. For the vast majority of users, the result is a refreshed body, a re-energized state of mind, and a renewed enthusiasm for the day and whatever challenges or rewards it may bring.


We’ll leave you with this final thought: Sleep gummies work if they contain the right ingredients, but they won’t work if the right ingredients aren’t there. Containing CBD is a good first step, but look at a gummy in its entirety to determine if it’s the right formulation for you. CBD can sometimes take a while to exert its full effects — continue taking CBD gummies for 1-2 weeks to adequately determine the cannabinoid’s usefulness for sleep.

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