Guide To Construction Site Security Cameras

To finish projects on schedule and under budget, construction sites need the necessary supplies and machinery. Since these things are frequently valuable to the owners and contractors who bought them, burglars trying to make a quick buck also value them highly.

In this article we will help you know how you can use construction Site Security Cameras to enhance the security for construction site. Also, below we have mentioned how to choose the construction security cameras.

1. High Definition Quality

On-site incidents may take place far from the camera on dark, dimly lit construction sites. The comprehensive video evidence you require in these circumstances won’t be provided by a camera with standard definition. High quality security cameras give video quality unsurpassed by the majority of other construction site security cameras since they record and transmit in 1080p HD.

2. Multiple powering options

It’s usually a good idea to get a security camera with flexible powering choices for building sites. Because locations might not always have access to electricity, autonomously powered security cameras are a popular choice for building sites.

If you don’t have electricity, choose Solar Surveillance cameras. This totally self-sufficient mobile surveillance system is powered solely by solar energy.

3.  Integrated 4G LTE Connectivity

All mobile video surveillance systems require 4G LTE transmission since it enables remote access to the cameras without the need for wiring. Construction sites are transient places, so there is no point in installing video transmission lines just to tear them out when the job is through. It’s pricy, disruptive, and pointless.

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For the purpose of sending live and recorded video surveillance images, few cameras produces its own 4G LTE modems.

4. Infrared – Night-Time Capability

Infrared cameras are a great option for construction site security because most sites lack either fixed or ambient illumination for the night.

5. Video Analytics

Security on construction sites is best achieved via video analytics. Since it offers automated intruder detection, cameras don’t need to be constantly checked for activity.

Who Needs Security Monitoring?

Not only for large-scale projects and stadium sites, but for building sites of all sizes as well, security camera monitoring is crucial. Making a security plan that includes a full array of outdoor security cameras is a fantastic first step for any building site. Whether your project calls for a typical wired system or portable, cellular security cameras you can use without an internet connection, security pros can assist you in planning a site security system that meets the needs of your specific project.

Why Install Jobsite Security Cameras?

1. Crime Deterrent

As a crime deterrent, jobsite security cameras stop anyone from entering your site and committing theft or vandalism. When determining whether to try a break-in, the majority of offenders search for clearly visible security cameras. They will probably leave if they notice that security cameras are set up at the construction site since they don’t want to risk being caught on camera.

2. Progress Tracking

You can simply monitor the status of the job with construction site cameras, and you can access old footage at any moment. This helps you see your construction projects more clearly and enables you to check that all staff safety procedures are being followed. Time-lapse construction site surveillance cameras can give a particularly clear perspective of each project from beginning to end.

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