Popular Home Extension Builds Looking Ahead to Summer 2024

I lack space in my house! I need extra storage! I can’t organise a party for all my family; where will they all sit? Do the questions sound familiar to you? If yes, it means that the following year, you should definitely consider building an extension to your house. It’s a smart and cosy way to expand your home space, letting you enjoy your place again. What are the most popular home extension builds for summer 2024?

A kitchen worthy of a master chef  

Those who enjoy cooking and experimenting with meals in the kitchen know how important extra space in the kitchen is. They are also aware that there is nothing like too much space in the kitchen. 

If your living room is near your kitchen, an open-plan kitchen living room is an idea you may enjoy a lot, giving you extra storage in the kitchen, sitting space, and a place to organise bigger parties. A kitchen extension should match the style of your living room, though, and it’s best to use neutral colours. 

The kitchen extension must definitely have big windows, or even the door leading to your garden, which will allow you to appreciate the beauty of summer, sunny mornings with a cup of coffee, and warm evenings with a glass of wine. Building a kitchen extension may have really positive effects on your mood and the quality of the time you spend with your family cooking and eating together.

Rest area with an antresola 

Next summer will not bring a swift into the trend of placing your bed on an antresola. Create a double-story extension that will be full of sunlight, giving you extra space to rest and reset your mind. 

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The first floor of your extension may be your office space, with a big, comfortable desk, a bookcase for all your favourite books, a comfortable armchair for long summer evenings, and a space for exercising to work on your fitness before the beach season.

The second floor, which should be open-plan, has stairs leading to your bed. Imagine a glass roof over your bed, giving you a chance to look at the starry sky. In the morning, the sun’s rays will wake you up and fill you with energy for the rest of the day.

A meditation room 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the noise around you and miss a quiet and separate space to meditate, take a nap, or simply stay alone for a moment? An annex extension is something that you will definitely appreciate, as it is a separate room attached to your house, giving you privacy, an intimate atmosphere, and space to be only with yourself. 

Maybe you need a separate room for your family, who often arrive with a visit. Or has your child become an independent teenager and would like to have their own space? Any reason to build an annex extension is justified. To follow the latest trends and the trends of the coming summer, remember about big windows to let lots of sunlight inside and modern design in light colours, helping you to reset your mind.

Find out more here and look for your inspiration for the most popular home extension builds in summer 2024. 

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