Smart Ways To Make Your Foreplay Session Spicier

If you know how you can make the first encounter with your escort as pleasurable as the final moments. Sexual pleasure refers to the sum of all experiences you get starting from entering the room with your partner to reaching the pinnacle of pleasure.  Here are a few pro tips that you will find useful if you wish to make your nightstand with a professional escort more enduring and adventure-filled. 

Start in the hall or kitchen

If you really want to make your night with an escort eventful and hot, make sure to keep the initial part of the play outside the bedroom. If the place allows, engage in foreplay in kitchen or hall spaces. These are generally the two most unexpected places and least tried spots for doing anything related to sex.  

The very unconventionality of these two places will make your moves more thrilling and adventurous for your partner. 

You can also let the escort take care of the caressing as they know the best way to begin the play without reaching the final moment within the next few minutes. To enjoy the company of the most beautiful and fit escorts, use the adult search on your phone carefully. 

Talk Dirty

Words always play a critical role in turning you on. If you are spending time with a professional escort she will know the exact words that will arouse you instantly. However, if you wish to take part in this dirty talk play and feel nervous, begin by instructing your escort what to do. 

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Simple expressions like unbuttoning the shirt or rubbing your body against mine can wonder words when you intend to set the mood for intercourse. A pro tip here would be to keep your voice as seductive as possible to turn the heat on. 

Heat Your Body

Several acts of lovemaking stimulate different body parts. From kissing to simply rubbing your palm against your partner’s body, many moves can be exciting and adrenaline-rushing as well. With a professional escort, feeling ecstatic becomes easier than ever. 

They know the exact touch points that can help you feel aroused within seconds. Let your escort take charge and ask her to touch you sensually to help you feel relaxed and excited at the same time.  Having sexual pleasure is not all about penetrating ejaculating. 

It is those ecstatic moments when you feel the pleasure rushing through your bloodstream that make having a professional escort in your bed meaningful. 

Let The Body Cool

However, foreplays are meant for delayed intercourse and prolonged fun. If you get excited and start the final act soon, the fun of foreplay will soon be over. Therefore, make sure to stay off the margin where you lose yourself to your carnal senses. 

Once you feel charged up enough, ask your escort to take her hands off and maintain some casual conversation to allow you the necessary cooling time. When you feel the desire in one moment and calm the next, your final act becomes more sustained and pleasurable. 

Try Twist Or Tango

Soft music, dance moves, and mellow lights always set the mood right for sex. Your professional escort will always allow you enough time to get acquainted with her so that you can enjoy the intimacy more. This is when dancing to soft music may help. 

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Dancing necessarily brings the two bodies closer and the rhythm helps them feel stimulated. In fact, you can remove her clothes one after another to steam up the ambience gradually.  Therefore, when you opt for an adult search, look for escorts who are comfortable with such unconventional interactions. 

Express Your Feelings

The act of sex is all about feeling good and expressing the same in bold words. Chuck out any of these two and the act will become mechanical. When you feel ecstatic or aroused, express the same in a sexy tone to help build the mood. This is one reason why men generally prefer women who moan loudly. 

Sounds generated out of pleasure are also a source of content for the listener in an act of intimacy. If your escort rubs her tits against your back, and that makes you feel wowed, appreciate it by encouraging her to do more things like that.  

Tease Different Body Parts

Teasing different body parts can be another way of spicing up the entire foreplay session. Different people feel sensual at different parts of the body. For some, the neckline remains extremely sensitive while some find the upper thighs or the foreskin more responsive. 

No matter which parts play the trick for you, guide your escort to tickle the region to get your senses heightened within moments. Touching these parts with sensibility will not force you to cum but will keep the desires on and growing. is a reputed and reliable name for hiring professional, beautiful, healthy, and flexible escorts of all colors, ethnicities, ages, and body shapes. You can also take one of these escorts on a vacation or business trip to enjoy some fun-0filled time when you are alone.  

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