Three Great Free To Play Poker Apps

Cast the mind back to 2003. On the big screen, the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise debuted to thrilled audiences in their masses just as The Lord Of The Rings concluded (at the time) with The Return Of the King. BeyoncĂ©’s solo career launched spectacularly with Crazy In Love pumping from radios across the globe. On the small screen, people couldn’t get enough of poker. The World Series of Poker was won that year by an amateur player, Chris Moneymaker, who’d taken his seat in Vegas by virtue of triumphing in a $40 online qualifier. Folks took to their computers in the masses to try their own luck, inspired by a modern-day Cinderella in the unlikely guise of an accountant from Tennessee.

Two decades on, online poker’s bigger than it’s ever been. Over the pandemic period, as casinos closed and friendly games around the kitchen table were jettisoned due to social distancing, players turned their hands to tablets and phones. In the US, poker apps come in two variations: real money stakes and free-to-play. The latter are by far the most popular, as currently, only seven states have legalized online poker (and two of those haven’t granted any operating licenses at the time of writing). These casual games have opened poker up to those who may not fancy their chances of risking real money, letting people learn and improve their game in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Let’s take a look at three of the best.


Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker is likely the most widely played poker app today. Originally launched as a Facebook game in 2007, it had 38 million players by 2011 on FB, Android, iOS and Google Plus (remember that?). It still has a thriving community, meaning it’s easy to log on and pick up a game whenever. It also allows the creation of private rooms so groups of friends can get together to play with each other. Graphics are simple, with large cartoonish icons, meaning it’s easy to keep an eye on the action. On the downside, it only allows you to play one table at a time, so seasoned online poker players may find it a little basic.


World Series Of Poker

If you’d rather get a feel for the format the pros play, the WSOP has a free-to-play app that might be of interest. It’s more in-depth than most, offering Pot-Limit Omaha poker for experienced players or those looking to try something new. Table limits can be a little less forgiving than in Zynga Poker, where players will generally have similarly sized stacks, but with free chips as a login bonus every three hours, you can build a bankroll fairly quickly.

Governor of Poker 3

For a more tangible way of measuring poker progress, Governor of Poker 3 plays more like a ‘traditional’ video game. Your character travels through Texan saloons, beating (hopefully!) computerized opponents on the way to winning through to the bright lights of casino tournaments. As expected, the app focuses on Texas Hold ’em, the variant that’s become dominant in casinos, brick-and-mortar and online. There’s also a multiplayer option if you want to play against friends.

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