Tips and Tricks to Make Big Impact with Small Bedroom Furniture

Did you know in terms of revenue, beds dominated the bedroom furniture market in 2021 with a 37.1% share?

Micro spaces have a knack for challenging creative decorators. If you have a small bedroom, you have little room to work with. It takes the perfect furniture to bring out the small bedroom design ideas.

With small bedroom furniture, style does not have to take a back seat. In this article, we will give you some advice on how to ensure that you have a beautiful, functional bedroom full of satisfaction.

Check out the tips and tricks for furniture arrangement in this guide.

Look For Multi-Purpose Pieces

When faced with decorating small bedrooms on a budget, one of the easiest ways to make an impact is to look for multi-purpose pieces. Cabinets, murphy beds, or wall beds can be a great space-saving option. Wall beds fold into the wall, providing a storage cabinet or shelf space when not in use.

When looking for multi-purpose pieces, look for a cabinet murphy bed that could double as a desk or small work area. This is a space-saving option. Also, it adds a touch of sophistication to an area.

With creativity in your home redesign, even a low-cost, low-profile piece like a storage ottoman can be used as a footrest and extra storage. For sizing and style, choose pieces that are slim in design and neutral to avoid the overcrowding effect. This will help make the room look larger and brighter.

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Wall-Mounted Shelving and Pieces

Wall-mounted shelving and pieces that make use of vertical space help clear the floor and keep the room open for more furnishing opportunities and possibilities. Using the wall space to the fullest can give a small bedroom a bigger aesthetic and feel. Even if the shelves can’t fit large furniture items, you can look into floating shelves that can hold small items, such as books and picture frames.

Other vertical pieces, such as corner shelves, tall chests, and narrow desks, can also help to clear the floor and keep the bedroom open. Using wall space with items that can be hung, like mirrors, artwork, or bulletin boards, can also make the bedroom look bigger while providing a different type of storage. This can also save money since one shelf may hold several items instead of buying separate furniture pieces.

Hang Art Near the Bed

Hanging art near the bed can enhance the look and feel of your small bedroom. Not only does it create a focal point in the room, but it also adds depth. Using vertical space to hang artwork near your bed is a great way to expand the perceived space in the bedroom.

When deciding which artwork to hang, consider artwork that reflects your personality and interests. Also, the size of the artwork should match the size of the bed. Avoid overcrowding the wall with artwork to keep the room balanced.

When hanging the artwork, be sure the top of the frame is level with the top of the headboard to create a coordinated look. When experimenting with multiple pieces of art or artwork, opt for a gallery wall to create a creative and dramatic feature. To further the effect, add lighting features to the art, such as wall washers or sconces, to highlight it and make it stand out even more.

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Finally, accessorize the artwork with handmade decorations to make the room warm and inviting.

Utilizing Bright Colors

When considering small bedroom colors, using bright colors that contrast and complement each other in small bedroom furniture can help give the room a bigger appearance while also creating an inviting atmosphere. For instance, try adding a dark-colored nightstand to a dark-colored wall to create a grounded effect while brightening the room with complementary or contrasting light-colored furniture pieces and walls.

If sticking to only one color is preferred, consider hiring a professional interior designer to create a cohesive look with different shades of a single color, such as different shades of blue. Also, keep the room coordinated. Sticking to muted colors and patterns for the walls and furniture pieces will give the room a tranquil atmosphere and make it appear larger.

Avoiding complex and bright colors may help make the walls feel less overwhelming and keep the room uncluttered.

Adding Mirrors to Reflect Light

Adding mirrors to reflect light can be an easy way to make a small bedroom appear larger than it is. Position a large mirror across from a window to gain the maximum benefit of natural light. This will create an illusion of depth and make the room appear more spacious.

Hang a mirror behind your bed to double the impact or to create the perception of a headboard. Also, hang mirrors on either side of bedside furniture to reflect the light you can create with strategic lighting. Having two mirrored surfaces will make the space brighter and appear even more open.

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For a less obvious reflection, hang a beveled or convex mirror or line the wall surface with several small mirrors.

Good Lighting

Good lighting is key in making a small bedroom look bigger. In a small space, the light should come from different directions, like the ceiling and desk lamp or wall sconces.

Try to use as much natural light as possible. When adding artificial lighting, choose a fixture that fits the style of the room and provides ample illumination.

Brightly lit spaces can make a small bedroom look larger, so fluorescent and LED lights are good options. To make a statement in a small bedroom, use large area lighting. Install a bold crystal chandelier or even a sculpture lighting piece.

Also, consider accent lighting to highlight artwork and display pieces. To make a tiny bedroom more inviting, use wall sconces with warm light bulbs to light up the room in the evenings.

Make Use of This Small Bedroom Furniture Tips and Tricks

Small bedroom furniture can make a big impact on your home. For bedroom design, look for multi-purpose pieces, use wall-mounted shelving and pieces, bright colors, good lighting, hang art near the bed, and add mirrors to reflect light. Assess the space, plan, use the right materials, and add a few personal touches to make the space your own.

Now that you’ve got the tips and tricks, it’s time to transform your bedroom into the dream space you’ve always wanted!

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