5 Residential AC Maintenance Errors and How to Avoid Them

Think of how amazing it is to cool off in the summer with an AC unit. Consider yourself lucky because it hasn’t always been that way. The first residential AC machine didn’t appear on the scene until 1931.

Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a home without some form of air conditioning. That means the average person needs to be capable of regular AC inspections. Unfortunately, many people make the same residential AC maintenance errors.

If you want to avoid repairing AC units and reduce AC maintenance costs, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading as we discuss five maintenance errors and how to avoid them.

1. The Most Common of All Residential AC Maintenance Errors: Not Changing Filters Regularly

Your AC unit is pulling fresh air from the outside. With that air comes all the dust, pollution, and pollen that it’s carrying. The only way to prevent all that filth from entering your home is to use a filter.

AC filters only last about six months. In some dusty places, such as Arizona, they need even more frequent replacements. Failing to do so can overwork your system and force you to call an air conditioning repair service.

2. Ignoring Any Strange Sounds

You may occasionally hear a squeaking, grinding, or whining sound from your air conditioning. All of these sounds could be the result of serious issues. You need to have a technician come and diagnose the noises ASAP before serious damage occurs.

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3. Failing to Clean Out the Vents

Just like your filters, your vents need cleaning too. This is where much of that dust and pollen lodges before it reaches the filters. Have a professional common clean out your events if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

Also, never place any obstructions in front of the vents.

4. Putting the Temperature too Low

We get it, after a long, hot day, you come home and put the air conditioner at its lowest setting. This may seem like the intuitive way to get the temperature to drop faster. But this really just overworking your air-conditioning unit for no benefit.

Set the temperature only at a level you comfortably prefer, and let it get down to that temperature naturally. Turn on the fans to a higher setting if you want to get cooler faster.

5. Failing to Clean the Coils

Take a look at your air-conditioning unit’s compressor outside. You’ll see a series of coils and heatsinks. This is what allows your air conditioner to transfer heat and also happens to be the epicenter of all the grime.

Shut off your AC unit and use a pressure washer to clean out these coils. Do so at least once every six months.

Maintain Your Air-Conditioning Unit Today

Everyone, from new home owners to experienced owners, are prone to making these residential AC maintenance errors. Make sure to get regular AC inspections so you can stay aware of any issues. Do not delay in fixing a problem, as it may get more expensive later.

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