5 Commercial Landscape Design Ideas for You to Consider

5 Commercial Landscape Design Ideas for You to Consider

Are you looking to hire a landscaper or do you want to tackle the job yourself? Either way, you’re going to want a great selection of plants and trees. This makes your outdoors come alive and has energy-efficient features.

A great commercial landscape design includes water features, lighting, and inventive space usage. Here are some great landscape design ideas for you to consider to have the best landscaping in the commercial district!

Ideas for Commercial Landscape Design

1. Considerations for Wet and Dry Landscapes

Dry landscapes are usually centered around drought-tolerant plants cutting the use of water. You can have professional landscapers set up rock gardens, gravel, and decomposed granite pathways.

Plant species that require minimal watering are excellent choices for dry landscapes. Such as cacti, succulents, and drought-tolerant grasses.

For wet landscapes, pond and water feature construction are essential. This encourages biodiversity and improves the quality of runoff water. Plant species that thrive in and near water, such as native reeds and grasses, water plants, and aquatic flowers, are perfect additions.

2. Optimizing Space With Double-Purpose Features

One option for commercial landscaping is to incorporate a multipurpose seating area. For employees to take breaks or engage in casual conversations. Add benches and a variety of chairs to accommodate different preferences.

To maximize the outdoor space, you can use the area for outdoor events, such as teambuilding activities or gatherings. You can include lawn games, outdoor furniture, and fire pits. Accommodate different activities and allow guests to enjoy the outdoors.

3. Attracting Clients with Colorful Landscapes

Colorful landscaping will bring visual appeal and help your business stand out above the competition. Consider adding bright planters, seating areas, or walkways made with colored pavers or stones. This can add depth and depth to any space.

You can also add colorful shrubs and trees featuring bright blooms. This can blossom throughout the spring and summer months.

Create an eye-catching focal point by adding a pond or waterfall, surrounded by colorful flowers or plants. Install accent lighting to emphasize any features you may want to showcase to customers at night.

4. Design Solutions for Reducing Outdoor Noise Levels

Add features such as raised beds, walls, and vertical elements such as trees and shrubs. This can be effective at buffering noise by blocking sound waves and dispersing the sound energy. Planting vegetation can also absorb noise and help dampen sound.

Additionally, installing soundproof fencing can provide a more permanent solution to sound management. Adding water features such as ponds and fountains can create white noise which will help lessen the noise. You can also use signage to educate people in a commercial area on how to be considerate and respectful of noise levels.

5. Establishing a Durable and Low-Maintenance Landscape Plan

Rocks and gravel are excellent low-maintenance and long-lasting ideas. You can choose between stepping stones or large-area designs. Choose and place plants to cut any long-term maintenance or labor.

Use native, drought-tolerant plants for less frequent watering. This also provides a natural beauty to the landscape design. Hardscaping with masonry, such as stamped concrete and boulders, can cut any need for extra maintenance.

Proper drainage and irrigation systems are also essential for a long-lasting landscape plan.

Try These Commercial Landscape Design Ideas Now

Creative commercial landscape design ideas can add color, value, and personality to your space. You can add planters, plant trees, and add water features.

Take the time to consider all possible options. hire the best landscapers to create the look and feel you desire.

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