How to choose a steam cleaner: quality versus cheapness

Steam cleaners are a relatively new type of cleaning device that has not yet become familiar in everyday life. How to choose a commercial steam cleaner so as not to be disappointed and not throw away money in vain?

Key features

The efficiency of a steam cleaner is determined primarily by two main characteristics:

  • the ability to create sufficiently hot dry steam;
  • maintain high steam pressure

Thanks to these properties, cleaning and cleaning processes will be easy and fast. Weak models can disappoint the owner.

Housing material

To some extent, it is possible to distinguish inefficient equipment of this type even in appearance: they consist of fewer parts, their body is made of aluminum, and they are cheap.

When choosing a steam cleaner, immediately pay attention to what the body is made of. The best option is durable modern plastic, the base of the case is made of stainless steel. Even better, if the entire body is made of “stainless steel”, without the use of plastic. The aluminum case is less durable and relatively easy to damage.

Cheap models, as a rule, cannot maintain the proper temperature and steam pressure. Weak steam flow, like a kettle, means less cleaning efficiency and significantly longer cleaning time compared to a quality professional model.

Removable hose

The steam cleaner hose should be removable if possible. The stationary hose is more fragile, it is easy to damage it, and without it the machine is basically inoperable. Choose a model with a detachable hose.

Durability and warranty period

A cheap steam cleaner will not last long, and its design features are such that there is practically no point in repairing them – repairs will cost almost more than buying a new device. High-quality equipment is more expensive in price, but they have a longer warranty, in some cases a lifetime.

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If we are talking about fairly simple cleaning conditions, the simplest apparatus may fit. if we are talking about a room where allergy sufferers, asthmatics or children live, it is worth buying a steam cleaner that is more expensive, but more powerful. With it, you can easily get rid of surface mold, dust mites, allergens, as well as easily remove stains of oil, grease, food particles, etc.

A professional steam cleaner is able to effectively disinfect surfaces, and can work for several hours continuously, every day. Just remember to keep an eye on the water level in the boiler, and keep working until the tasks are completed.

Cleaning requires ordinary tap water, without the need to add any cleaning agents and solvents. Pure steam does not contain any chemicals and is environmentally friendly. 

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