How to Spot the Signs of a Broken Window

How to Spot the Signs of a Broken Window

Broken windows often go unnoticed when they first appear. Even when they’re broken, many windows serve their purpose of keeping the elements out and helping keep us warm. They become a real issue when they start to turn into leaky windows and then broken windows.

If you start noticing your windows are letting in colder than usual, broken windows can lead to other problems. Read along to learn all the signs that you need to replace a broken window.

Visible Cracks in the Window

Visible cracks in a window are a clear sign that it is broken. Cracks may appear in the frame of the window, in the glass itself, or even in its seals. To detect cracks, it is best to view the window in natural light, as this allows the window’s condition to be seen more clearly.

Step back and observe the window from a few different angles, as this makes it easier to identify any potential cracks. As well as cracks, any other imperfections, such as bumps in the glass, should be noted.

Off-Putting Noises and Vibrations

Off-putting noises like vibrations or rattling when the window is opened or closed may be an indicator of a broken window. If you notice these unusual sounds, take a closer look at the window.

Drafts coming through the window could mean that there is an opening, hinting at a possible broken window. Also, inspect the frame to look for signs of cracks in the glass or any gaps that may have developed over time.

Conducting a Checking for Leakages

This process begins by spotting any signs of water seepage or air leakage, such as staining or warping near the window. Next, an air test can be conducted to check if the air is entering the home.

If any leakage is noticed, it is best to contact a qualified window installer who can provide the appropriate broken window repair services. Caulking around the window can help prevent water from seeping through the cracks, and weather stripping can also be used to prevent air from entering the home.

Fluctuating Temperatures

If there is a steady temperature outdoors and inside your home is significantly different, this is a sign something might be wrong. If an area close to the window feels drafty or cooler than the rest of the room, then this is a warning that there might be a broken glass window or that the insulation or seal around the window might be faulty.

If you notice any signs of cold or hot air entering through the window, then it is important to act quickly and assess the situation. If the problem is only a faulty seal, then repairing or replacing the seal is an easier and cheaper fix.

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Fix Your Broken Window Right Now

Overall, by familiarizing yourself with the signs of a broken window, you can catch any damage to your property before it gets out of hand.

Keep in mind that preventive maintenance is often the most cost-effective way of dealing with a problem. So be sure to inspect your windows regularly for signs of deterioration.

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