How to Take Advantage of Digital Out of Home Media


Have you been wondering if DOOH is for you? It may be just the thing your company has been needing. 

Read on to discover how you can take advantage of digital out of home media.  

Digital Out of Home Media: What Is It?

Digital out of home media is a completely new way of placing targeted ads in public areas. While regular out of home ads can be effective, DOOH takes it to a whole other level with video, animated, or even interactive-based content. 

How Does It Work?

It works the same way as an OOH ad, except it may take a little bit longer to make. You can also update it in real-time, maximizing your ability to produce interesting and relevant ads. 

Are There Popular Digital Out of Home Media Locations? 

While there are plenty of different locations for DOOH ads all across the globe. There are a few locations that have become much more popular than the rest.  

Times Square

Time square, as you may know, is a massive hub for advertisement. So much so that it has become a highlighted tourist attraction in several movies and TV shows. 

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The Strip in Las Vegas 

The main strip in LAs Vegas is another example. With thousands of people going in and out of Las Vegas every day, it is no wonder why this spot has become dense with DOOH ads. 

Anywhere There is a Digital Screen 

While these spots are both iconic and effective at getting information in front of people, you do not need to place DOOH ads in major tourist attractions. Any popular public area could be a great spot for digital advertisement. All you need is a screen. 

Are There Different Types of DOOH? 

There are plenty of different types of digital out of home advertising platforms. Here are just a few.


Spectaculars are a collection of massive screens with varying videos and digital ads playing at the same time. The most popular reference for this platform of DOOH is Times Square. 

Digital Truck Advertising

Digital truck advertising is a great option. In larger cities, there are trucks with large, rentable digital screens on them. They drive around and act as a moving billboard for all computers and tourists. 

Digital Billboards 

Digital billboards are a modern take on the classic form of place-based advertising. If you are looking to target specific demographics in a new and improved way. You should look into placing your next ad campaign on digital billboards. 

Digital Signs 

Digital signs are essentially a smaller scale version of digital billboards. However, that does not mean they reach fewer people. These types of signs can be found in shopping malls, airports, hospitals, gas stations, and many more. 

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The Benefits of Digital Out of Home Advertisement 

Digital out of home advertising comes with a plethora of benefits that you would not have otherwise. The digital aspect allows for new creative freedoms that can make your ad significantly more memorable. Not to mention that you can update them at any time, and they stand up to the elements better.  

How Do You Know It’s Working? 

One big question that is always asked is, how can you ensure that it is working? This is really quite simple. While it can be hard to track the number of people who specifically look at your ad. You can have confidence in its success with strategic targeting, customer influx monitoring, and location metrics. 

How Do You Purchase DOOH Ads? 

When it comes to purchasing digital out of home advertising platforms, there are multiple options available. Here are a few examples. 

Programmatic Guaranteed 

The programmatic guaranteed model, also known as the private marketplace, is an invite-only auction for ad placements that typically involve larger companies. 

Non-Programmatic Guaranteed

The non-programmatic guaranteed approach takes a little bit of time. However, ads are sold at a cost-per-mile (CMP) rate. The inventory is always guaranteed. It just takes a bit of grunt work to get through the process.  

Programmatic Direct

This direct approach simply involves the publisher and the advertiser. Both parties will communicate directly and come to an agreement on CMP. This is perhaps the most similar to other types of advertising deals. 

Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

Real-time bidding, or RTB, is the most cost-effective way to acquire digital out of home advertising platforms. It is an open-auction model that allows companies to compete (bid) for any platforms they may desire.  

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How Much Do They Cost? 

The factors that determine the cost of DOOH platforms vary greatly, making it very much a case-by-case price negotiation. Factors like CMP, size, and content can dramatically change the price. 

The Takeaway 

Digital out of home advertising is the way of the future. You can make captivating ads in ways that were never possible before. All you have to do is plan out your campaign, get the DOOH, and sit back while it brings customers right to your door. 


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