Sugar daddy instead of part-time job

Sugar daddy instead

How sugar babes get their sponsor and what they do in return.

The trend from the USA is slowly catching on in the USA: Female students are having their studies financed by an older, rich man. In return, they offer their company – and sex too.

Dating platform instead of a job exchange

Some have wealthy parents, others receive designer clothing or scholarships, and yet others work and give private tuition, for example, in order to earn money as a student . And then there are those who seek out a wealthy benefactor, a “sugar daddy.” You searched for a sponsor on a sugar daddy site – and found one.

“I’ve always had a fondness for older men,” says Judith, who studies architecture in Bielefeld . “Then I heard about an online platform where you can meet a sugar daddy and just signed up.” As “Sugar Babe”, Judith has been in a relationship with a rich 46-year-old for a year now. He pays her rent, tuition, fancy clothes, invites her to Paris or the Maldives and goes out with her. So Judith doesn’t have to work.

And in return? “He has an attractive companion without having to make any commitments,” says Judith. “And of course we have sex.”

A form of prostitution?

It’s very similar with Lisa. She used to work as a paralegal, but always wanted to study law. But it was her sugar daddy – a wealthy 47-year-old businessman – who gave her the opportunity to do so.

“He asked me if I still wanted to study, and of course I did,” explains the 25-year-old. ” Now he pays the tuition fees at the private university .” Without him, Lisa would never have been able to afford her studies. As she says, she would have had to “work an awful lot” to earn her living with a part-time job . “And so I have the study time I need.”

Lisa doesn’t have to pay any rent. She lives in an apartment owned by her sponsor. She also has sex with him. But she doesn’t see it as an obligation, she emphasizes. Sexual intercourse only occurs when both feel like it.

Both students benefit from money from their benefactors. But even with Lisa and Judith, all that glitters is not gold. Because the relationship with a sugar daddy also has disadvantages. Critics see nothing other than prostitution in this type of arrangement. Added to this are the unpleasant looks of others. “If you walk through the city together, people look at you stupidly. The age difference is clear,” admits Lisa.

No lasting pleasure

The trend of looking for a sugar daddy – or a sugar mommy – via online dating sites originated in the USA. But dating sites such as SugarDaddySeek or MySugardaddy are also enjoying increasing popularity. According to its own statements, the latter currently has around 75,000 members in USA. According to the company, the increase is between 30 and 40 percent per year.

About 40 percent of the female members are students. More and more students who are looking for a rich sponsor are also registering with SugarDaddySeek. According to the company, they make up more than 48 percent of all memberships. And with SugarDaddySeek there is even a gay portal with around 7,000 sugar boys at the moment.

It is questionable whether everyone can find their personal benefactor through these dating sites. How long something like this works, too. Judith sees it realistically: ” Maybe in a few years I’ll be too old for my sugar daddy. “

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Sugar daddies in the fact check

  • The average sugar daddy is 44 years old and reports private assets of around 300,000 USD.
  • Sugar babes are about 23 years old , are in training or studying.
  • On average, a USA sugar babe receives 3,600 USD a month in the form of money and gifts.

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