Komatsu Europe Moves Forward with Latest Machines

Latest Komatsu machines send waves through the Bauma 2022 Expo in Munich, Germany

Komatsu announced the release of their new skid steer series (EU Stage V compliant) this month and the manufacturer had a lot to be proud of given the fact that these machines are top of their class. The latest SK-715-8, SK-815-8 and the SK-820-8 series has fully exploited Komatsu’s century old experience in terms of design, development, and as well as manufacturing in order to be able to deliver such machines explained Alex Visentin who currently serves as the product manager for Komatsu Europe.

The latest machines were developed according to specific objectives which included power, efficiency, use friendliness, operator factors, environment factors, durability and more importantly practicality. The cabin is spacious despites the size of these machines and the controls are located in such a manner that the operators do not have to bend backwards in order to have constant ease in controlling these skid steers which are also exceedingly agile and fast when required to be.

The three new skid steer loaders are fitted with high torque engines which are capable of mind bending acceleration without over consuming fuel which is a first for Komatsu. Plans are underway for these machines to be released in the Middle Eastern, Central Asia and Asian markets in due time. These latest skid steer subscribe to a longitudinal engine concept which enhances weight distribution which in turn enhances the stability of these machines in any given condition.

Coupled with the superior manoeuvrability of these loaders and rated hydraulic flow and pressure, once an operator gets bitten by these SKs – 8, they will be hooked. Even the maintenance factor has been simplified and made easy with the tilt cab allowing easy access to the internal components of these machines. The engine range from 36.2 HP to 48.5 HP, the models come with a standard bucket cap of 0.4m and an average operating weight of 3 tonnes.

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On the excavator front, Komatsu unveiled a 20 tonne class battery powered hydraulic excavator, the outstanding PC210E which was a hit at the Bauma 2022 expo in Munich, Germany. According to a senior executive from Komatsu, the PC210E has been developed and built on the manufacturer’s proprietary coordinating technology. The lithium-ion battery for the machine and the associated technology for the PC210E is attributed to the collaboration between Komatsu and the US based Proterra.

The battery pack powers every aspect of the machine which includes the hydraulic pumps, mobile controller, and all electrical motors and electronic gadget on board. The digging performance of this latest excavator rivals the digging performance of fossil fuel powered machines within its category.

The entire structure has also been rendered more robust than ever providing greater protection to both the operator and the battery pack. According to the marketing team for Komatsu Europe, the PC210E is poised to enter Asian markets and as well as the Middle Eastern market very soon due to the positive feedback that the PC210E received during the Bauma expo.

Among the most significant factor that drove interest in this particular machine was the ability or rather the capacity of the PC210E to operate continuously for up to 8 hours with a full slow charge (this however does depend on the workload). Interest from Australian skid steer and excavator for hire business was also promising which triggered the marketing to examine the Australian and South East Asian markets as well.

Electric heavy machines are the best option to tackle environmental concerns and it is expected that within the next few years the cost of the battery packs will be greatly reduced as battery technology advances rapidly. 

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