How to find an Electric Motor Repair Company


If you have an electric motor that is critical to your operations, you will be familiar with the need for electric motor repair & maintenance. In order to keep your electric motor running correctly, you will need to ensure that it is correctly and properly maintained at all times. 

The only way to do this is to ensure that you have a professional company that is able to service, maintain, and repair your electric motor when needed. Regular services of the motor and all of its components are the best way to extend the life of the motor. 

Finding a company that you trust to do this is important and can save you a considerable amount of money. 

How Does Regular Maintenance Help?

Regularly maintaining your electric motor will ensure that any small issues or problems with the motor or any of the components are picked up quickly. Finding and eliminating issues before they become damaging to the electric motor overall is the best way to save you money and keep your electric motor running well. 

A combined maintenance and repair company is the best option for you to employ as they will complete all work in-house. At Houghton International, we have engineers who can complete all aspects of the maintenance, service, and repair of electric motors. We also have a technical team who can complete on-site repairs if your electric motor is too big to transport for repair work. 

Which Services Should You be Looking For?

When considering which electric motor maintenance and repair company to use, it is important to check that they complete all of the work you would require. If you are looking for a company that will carry out all aspects of maintenance and repair, you would need to find a company that will complete services, diagnostics, testing, balancing, repair, and replacement. 

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Finding a company that suits your needs can be straightforward but take a small amount of research. You can use a simple location search, such as electric motor repair companies near me or electric repair companies in a specific town or city. 

When you have a compiled list, you will need to go through each of the companies individually to review which services each company offers. This will give you a shortlist of all companies that fit your needs, and from there, you can look at customer reviews, cost, or any other elimination method to find the company you are going to use. 

We always find that using a company that offers all of the services you are interested in is the best option as you will not have delays between stages of maintenance and repair. If you use a company that only offers to service electric motors, they will then either refer you to or leave you to find a company that will carry out the repairs. 

This delay can be costly for you if your company or livelihood relies on the electric motor, as the referral process is not always instantaneous. 

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