calculation of brick masonry

Brick masonry: Masonry brick

In this article you will know all about the brick masonry. Here we will discuss everything about masonry brick, brick work and brick wall calculator.

Brick work: Brick wall calculator

The art of laying bricks in proper manner is called brick masonry. A pallet of brick ranges between $140 to $470, while a single brick cost is $0.35 to $0.90.

In this article we will discuss the most easiest way, for brick work calculation, bricks for wall calculation, mortar for brick masonry. If you are seeking an answer to how many bricks do i need or need to find bricks for patio. You landed on right blog.

Masonry is done with either bricks, blocks or stone, but for joinning, same kind of cement mortar is used. For brick masonry analysis one of standard measuring unit is adopted, which is used to calculate bricks and mortar.

There’s mainly two systems, British system & MKS system. British system brick size is 9″×4.5″×3″, on other hand in MKS system 20×10×10 cm. In standard brick masonry there’s 1350 bricks in 100 cubic feet and 500 bricks in 1 cubic meter.

In same manners, for masonry 100 cft bricks it needs 30 cft of dry mortar, while 1 cum brick masonry needs 0.30 cum of dry mortar.

Brick calculator: Brick calculator in feet

  1. Brick work for wall = 10×10 = 100 cft
  2. Number of bricks used = 1350 (1350 is standard for 100cft, 13.5 for 1 cft).
  3. Ratio of cement mortar = (1:5)
  4. Sum of ratio = 1+5 = 6

Brick wall cost calculator:

Construction bricks price are generally between $0.35 to $0.90 per brick. A pallet of brick ranges between $140 to $470, while a pallet has 500-510 bricks. The cost varies regional wise.

If you need 1350 bricks it will cost you, 1350×0.35 = $472.5 up to $1215. If you purchase 2 pallets and 350 bricks separate it will be , 140+140+122.5 = $402.5.

Quantity of dry mortar = 30 cft (30 is std also mentioned above)

How to calculate quantity of cement for brick work?

(Ratio of cement / sum of ratio) × Quantity of mortar

  1. (1/6)×30 = 5cft of mortar = 5/1.25 = 4 bags (1 cement bag volume is 1.25 cft)

How to calculate quantity of sand for brick work?

  1. (Ratio of sand / sum of ratio) × quantity of mortar
  2. (5/6)×30 = 25 cft

or you can do it simply by multiplying cft of cement with ration of sand. Because sand is that much times more than cement.

TOTAL; BRICK= 1350, CEMENT= 4 bags, SAND= 25 cft

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How many bricks do i need calculator: For 1 cubic meter in mortar ratio (1:6)?

  1. Brick work = 1 cu.m
  2. Number of bricks = 500
  3. Ratio of cement mortar = 1:6
  4. Sum of ratio = 7

Total quantity of dry mortar = 0.30 cum (std for 1cum B.W)

How to calculate quantity of cement?

  1. (Ratio of cement / sum of ratio) × quantity of mortar
  2. (1/7)×0.30 = 0.043 cu.m
  3. 0.043/0.035 = 1.228 cement bags (1 bag of cement is 0.035 cu.m)

How to calculate quantity of sand?

  1. (Ratio of sand / sum of ratio) × quantity of mortar
  2. (6/7) × 0.30 = 0.257 cu.m.

TOTAL; BRICKS= 500, CEMENT= 1.228 BAGS, SAND= 0.257 cu.m

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Paving bricks calculator:

Paving bricks are generally used on floor, garbage, car ramps and lawns etc. To calculate paving brick its simple rule to calculate area e.g. 10×12 floor area, you will need 120 cft of paving bricks.

Paving brick cost calculator:

Generally paving brick price is minimum $5 to $25 maximum. Depend on size and shape of paving brick you choose. According to this if you order 120 cft bricks, it will cost you 120×5 = $600 or $3000 maximum.


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