Buying the Perfect Shoe Storage

7 Things to Consider Before Buying the Perfect Shoe Storage

Are you tired of storing your shoes anywhere because you don’t have enough space? If you’re a shoe lover, it’s a must to own shoe storage that can store all the pairs you’ve got. You need to maintain the texture and shape of your shoes, so better keep them properly. Don’t just buy whenever you want if you know you can’t have them stockpiled. 

When it comes to storage, there are numerous options available out there. Make sure you purchase the perfect size and know how many pairs you’re going to store to ensure that you can keep all your shoes. From a shoe storage bench to a rack to a cabinet, you can eliminate clutter and have a tidy space without an eyesore. Seeing your shoes around your home is not a good idea, especially when visitors come by. 

Thus, here are some essential things to consider before buying the perfect shoe storage:

1. Space dimension

Before you purchase shoe storage, make it a point to check for the available space in your home where you will place it. A wooden shoe rack can be your best pick if you have ample room to spare. If not, you can go for a rack at your entrance since this has a slim design, perfect for those who lack some space. On the other hand, a wall-hanging shoe stand is another good option to save floor space. Depending on the available space dimension, you must measure it aptly before buying one.

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2. Build material

When buying shoe storage, it’s also essential to consider the build materials used to manufacture these products. You can choose from wood, plastic, fabric, or metal. Wood shoe storage is the most commonly used because of its versatility and cost-effectiveness. However, it’s not suitable for exterior use since it’s prone to water damage. The plastic-made ones are available in various colors and are easy to handle. These are waterproof and cheaper but are less durable and customizable. 

Another option to consider is the rising popularity of fabric shoe storage, which comes in varied colors and is easy to maintain. But these are prone to fading, and the material can attract sunlight. Lastly, metallic shoe cabinets are more on the contemporary side. These are highly resistant to temperature changes and can bring a sleek appearance to your space; they are prone to rusting since they are not water-resistant.

3. Design

Take the time to decide what design you want for your shoe storage. There are tons of designs and styles to choose from, so better do your research first before purchasing one. Opt for a closed cabinet design if you have luxury shoes to keep them dust-free and safe. An open-shelf design is perfect for your daily wearables, and these are well-ventilated. Choosing designs with flaps, lids, and doors can keep your shoes out of sight and protect them from sunlight and dust. Unfortunately, these increase the chances of mold growth because of the lack of air supply to the shoes, which affects their longevity. 

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4. Capacity and size

The capacity and size of the shoe storage are critical factors when purchasing one. Of course, you want something that can hold all your shoes. You will encounter shoe storage with various capacities and go for one with a slightly higher storage capacity than the exact number of pairs you already own. The extra space can be used when you decide to buy more shoes in the future. In addition, getting broader and more spacious storage is recommended if you have a lot of pairs of shoes. All shoe lovers can relate to this, so get one that can store your beloved footwear.

5. Form and function

The storage capacity is determined by how strong it is, and in comparison, the quality of the material used determines its appearance. Some shoe storage may be a little expensive but have an excellent build that makes them more appealing. In contrast, other units may be cheaper because of their thin profile and may not match your existing visuals. The metallic shoe storage looks stylish and fits a wide range of home decor, and it’s durable and affordable, too.

6. Location

Aside from the available space in your area, it’s also worth considering the exact location where you will place the storage. Before you buy one, you have to decide where you’re going to put it. You can put it in your bedroom, entryway, patio, or anywhere you want. Just be sure to choose the proper storage based on the location you intend to place it. There might be some factors to consider if you’re going to put it in a specific spot, so take this into account. 

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7. Budget

Your budget is another thing to consider when purchasing the perfect shoe storage. Be sure to determine your budget first before buying one. Never compromise quality to save money, so better choose one that can last long. Spending a little more on something that will serve you for many years makes sense. Since shoe storage is essential nowadays, there is nothing to regret about spending your hard-earned money on this one. You can use it for a long time, and it’s worth every penny.


Shoes play a crucial role in defining your personality, and it pays off to take good care of them and ensure they are correctly stored. With good storage, you’re guaranteed to have your shoes in excellent condition for years to come.

These things mentioned above are just a few points to consider before buying the perfect shoe storage. Keep in mind these factors to ensure that you get the best one. Shoe storage does not only store your footwear but can keep your spaces tidier, protect your investment, and add beauty to your room. Hence, choose the best storage ideal for your needs. Thank you so much for reading until the end, and hopefully, this post will guide you well toward your next shoe storage. Please visit now to get one that fits your preference!


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