construction supply chain

Construction Supply

What is Construction Supply? Construction supply chain is the flow to fulfill the demands. It includes providing materials, equipments, labours, skilled workers, information so & so. To manage the whole phenomenon is called Construction supply chain management. Supply chain management is the key part of construction companies. A good performance of supply chain management can…

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bathroom designs

Bathroom Design

Unique bathroom designs and ideas The bathroom design should’ve separate glassy shower area, fancy taps a fancy piece of wash basin over cabinet. Bathroom should be clean and spa to feel more relaxed. There should be an upgraded bathroom sink, custom glossy tiles, bathtub and the cabinet. Below lets have look on some unique master pieces…

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Top international construction companies

    International construction companies: Top companies that work globally

    In this post, we will discuss the International construction companies around the world. Top construction engineering companies that are working globally? Top International construction companies: List Following are the top International construction companies in the world. China Communications Construction Company | China Bechtel | USA Turner | USA VINCI | France Actividades de Construcción y…

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    types of foundation

    Types of foundation

    In this article we will discuss the building foundations and different house foundation types. What is foundation? The lowest part of structure on which the whole structure is built on is called Foundation. This is the part of Sub-structure of building. There’s two house foundation types shallow and deep foundation. In construction work there are…

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    what is project management?

    Construction Management

    What is Construction management? Construction management is a professional service, which allow a construction manager or a project manager to oversee or look after a construction project. In simple words its a process of an idea to the compelition of project. From foundation up to finishing it is manager responsibility to complete the project within…

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    what is civil engineering

    Civil engineering

    What is civil engineering? Civil engineering is a engineering discipline that deals with the Designs, Implementation, supervision and project management. Such as infrastructures, buildings, roads, dams, bridges, irrigation and waste water management. Civil engineering is one of the oldest discipline that is used for many years when people need to live with more facilities they…

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