The Ultimate Summer Checklist to Spruce Up Your House

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With most parts of the world now witnessing green and yellow phases, we can already listen to the kids playing in the neighborhood and smell barbecue on the grill. Not only this, but we can also feel the warm summer breeze, watch our favorite nook soaked in the sunlight, view the green sprout, and taste the fresh summer fruits.

And while we have been bracing for the summer the entire year, how prepared is our house? With all the fun summer activities approaching and rolling in, it’s also the perfect time to get our house groomed and maintained in a pristine condition.

Although summer is the favorite season for most people, it’s much more than just putting on sunscreen and grilling the fresh patties in the backyard. The sunny days also draw bug invasions and scads of unforeseen messes and mishaps. Therefore, it’s imperative to get weaving and knock a couple of tasks from the summer to-do list to keep the home safe and healthy. Summer home maintenance projects, such as retouching the deck, the outside painting, and creating a fence, not only maintain the functionality of your home. It also enhances the property’s value.

So, embrace the long heat days with the following chores, which can let you enjoy the leisurely breeze and much-earned sunshine when completed well in advance.

Purge unnecessary items

Decluttering is an excellent way to start with summer home maintenance projects. It allows you to take a long hard look around the house and identify potential improvements. Not to mention how the winter home accumulates dirt inside and out. Thus, giving it a spring clean can help you attain a healthy environment.

Since you won’t need the fleece blankets, winter woolies, and fuzzy pullovers anytime soon, it’s best to stack them in a storage unit in your vicinity. For instance, if you live in the capital and port city of Washington state, Olympia. In that case, type in Olympia storage to pick the best and most reputable storage facility to store your belongings.

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This way, you can keep the wintery stuff safe, make room for the summer goodies, and fully reap the benefits of a cluttered space.

Deep clean the windows

A sleety and snowy winter might want you to squeak clean your windows from the outside. And if your living space comprises a fireplace, your windows might have accumulated murk and filth on the insides. To wholly welcome and appreciate the sun’s rays, it’s indispensable to deep clean the interior and exterior of the windows.

For the inside, a disinfectant spray and a paper towel are sufficient. However, suppose some of your rooms have sliding windows. In that case, it’s recommendable to remove them temporarily and clean them up on a flat surface. For the outside portion of the windows, purchase a spray bottle along with a cleaning solution. Be sure to shield your hands with gloves if you have itchy skin. Spray the solution and thoroughly clean every nook with the help of your fingers. However, avoid exerting excessive pressure as it might break off the glass.

Here’s the pro tip – spring clean the windows on an overcast day. Otherwise, the summer sunshine might dry the cleaning solution quickly, leaving smears and smudges.

Examine the roof

If you haven’t inspected the roof during the spring season, it’s imperative to assess its condition now. That’s because the winter snow and ice can extensively worsen the roof’s condition. Detecting the problem beforehand can save you a great deal of money and prevent it from intensifying into a significant issue.

Therefore, look for cracks, missing shingles, leaks, or breakage. Also, inspect the signs of crippling metal flashing around skylights, chimneys, and pipes. Hire the services of a roofer if you spot significant damage. However, you can take a DIY route if there’s minor damage.

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Once you have fully appraised the roof’s condition, the next step is to paint the ceiling of your home white. By doing so, you can expect a considerable decline in electricity costs. That’s because light and soft colors such as white, instead of bouncing the heat within the house’s premises, rebound it into the space.

Check and clean the drain pipes and gutters

After the fall season and snowy winter days, the gutters in your home might be thick with pine needles, loose debris, and leaves. In such circumstances, it’s better to clean these gutters thoroughly to welcome the sunny days.  

Since it’s quite a tough job, engage the services of a professional. However, if you plan to do it yourself, carry a plastic trowel and a robust stepladder, and wear protective attire. This way, you’ll ensure that the summer rains are enjoyable, not bothersome.You need to make sure that you are not allowing the passage of any kind of debris into the drain pipes. Stone chips, tree branches and other waste materials can spell doom for your drain pipes and end up clogging them badly. Singapore drain grating supplier is your best bet to help you cover the drainage systems and ensure that the aesthetics of your property are also maintained. 

Moreover, clogged, corroded, or broken gutters might not operate smoothly and may give rise to water issues inside the house. Therefore, peruse the condition of drains, and check if there are any signs of repairs. And ensure the gutters are linked together. While you are at it, examine the condition of downspouts and make sure they carry away the water as far as possible.

Pay attention to the garden

Last but not least, the garden is a valuable asset that is admittedly affected by the harsh conditions of the snowy weather. Therefore, it’s about time to pay attention to the landscape and bring it back to life. This way, you can leisurely enjoy the gentle breeze of the summer and bask in the heat of your garden.

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So, wear gardening gloves and knuckle down to this task. If you are fond of nature, this job will most likely be a cakewalk. For starters, trim the shrubs, weeding, bushes, and trees. And to bring an appreciable difference to your garden, plant ready-made seeds in the pots. However, if you wish to grow fresh herbs and veggies, you can always sow some seeds in the planter box.

Likewise, you can use a mulch to give the gardens an instant makeover. This protective covering not only steers clear your garden of weeds. It also maintains the moisture levels in the atmosphere for the plants to survive in the summer.

Final Words

Getting the house ready for the hot summer days may seem tiresome and daunting. Nonetheless, it’s needless to mention how essential it is for the security and efficiency of your home. Therefore, set aside a specific time each week to execute these crucial tasks. Or perhaps dedicate one whole day for spring cleaning if you still haven’t done it. Likewise, you can take other simple steps to prepare your home for the summer. Feel tired of energy-bill burn? Benefit from the natural sunlight and switch off redundant energy appliances. Feel superheated in the bedroom? Hang a hammock in the garden and enjoy the warm summer breeze.

It’s always good to take preventive steps beforehand rather than wait for the problems to spring up. Also, it’s a good practice to complete the to-do list now before you go out and enjoy the pleasant weather outside. 

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