Ways to Impress Your Boss During Your Presentation

Do you have a big presentation coming up that makes you doubt your public speaking skills? Naturally, people feel anxious when presenting to senior leaders, especially if their jobs are in jeopardy. Further, the many presentation formats and platforms can overwhelm any employee.

However, the simple steps below will polish your presentation skills and impress audience members.

1. Be Credible

Credibility is the key to an effective presentation. If you can’t back up your main idea with hard data and facts or answer unexpected questions, you will hardly sway powerful people or other team members.

Go beyond the pie charts, infographics, and line graphs, and gather as much data as you can. A great presentation offers fresh insights and demonstrates why they matter for the company.

A credible presenter also has a deep understanding of their audience. If you are presenting to several important people, address the differences that can derail your presentation efforts.

For example, your recommendations may differ from those of someone with a different background, and it is best to prepare for their concerns beforehand. Check the LinkedIn profiles of the attendants to understand their hobbies, interests, and leadership styles.

Finally, pair professional attire with a steady pace and confident body language to enhance your credibility. You can even rehearse before a mentor or coworkers before the meeting to build confidence.

2. Be Clear and Organized

Good organization is a sure tip to impress your boss during a presentation. Specifically, break down your presentation in a logical and organized way that includes a clear executive summary and key objectives. In this way, you stand out from less-organized employees.

Once you take the podium, give your name, job title, and credentials and provide the meeting’s context to get attendants on the same page. A strong introduction builds momentum and gets you off on the right foot.

Describe the problem, define your claim, and offer quantifiable data to support your recommendations in your presentation. In the case of a decrease in numbers, state by how much. You don’t want to waste your boss’s time, so focus on your key message right away. The session should conclude with a recap and a strong call to action. The key to success in business is good communication. Therefore, companies such as Thought-Leader provide TEDx training to help you connect with your coworkers and prepare for future opportunities.

3. Sprinkle Some Humor

Laughing relieves tension, and humor is a powerful way to grab the attention of the meeting’s participants. Typically, office presentations feature endless statistics, facts, and jargon that bore an audience. Sprinkle funny metaphors throughout your presentation to keep everyone relaxed and attentive.

Sharing an amusing personal narrative is one way to light up the meeting room. Also, look for funny quotes that relate to the content of your presentation or hilarious analogies to make your content memorable.

4. Include Activities to Engage Your Audience

A meeting setting does not have to be formal and systematic. Use demonstrations and brainstorming activities to bring your main idea to life. For instance, blindfolded teammates can taste a proposed food product to demonstrate its superiority to competing products.

Another creative way to engage your audience is to have your colleagues act out simple scenarios. Quizzes and a fun debate also show your talents for managing a team toward desired results.

5. Use Digital Signage

You need out-of-the-box ideas to impress your boss during a presentation. In particular, use digital signage to display high-quality PowerPoint Presentations and Google Slides instead of a whiteboard or projector.

Digital screens allow you to create smooth animations that add motion to your presentations. Also, add different visuals to spice up the compilation, including images, templates, graphs, videos, or even live feeds from social media platforms such as Twitter.

Moreover, presenters can make instant uploads to digital signage screens with cloud-based software. Ultimately, technology is an effective way to revitalize team meetings.

6. Embrace the Q&A Session

Asking for feedback is among the leadership skills that impress higher-ups. Your presentation should not be a boring monologue that goes on and on. Rather, ask for insights, welcome constructive criticism, and show an enthusiasm to know the higher workings of the company. This passion will be helpful when your boss considers you for a higher position.

One common mistake that people make during company meetings is to mumble a half-baked answer to a question they don’t know. In reality, nobody knows everything. So, make a promise to get back to anyone who asks a query you don’t know.

7. Provide Supporting Materials

Avail the presentation information in a comprehensive report for your boss after the meeting. Most likely, your boss will need to consult other managers before making a decision. Further, a compiled report reduces the questions you have to answer after the presentation. Even if your boss didn’t accept your propositions, they might change their mind after a second glance at your work.

To Wind Up

With the above tips, you are well-prepared for your next presentation. Although presenting to a boss can be nerve-wracking, digital signage is a simple way to make vibrant displays that impress higher-ups. Lastly, keep your slides clutter-free and brief to save the boss’s team.  

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