Tips to Decorate Small Spaces


Small living spaces have their cozy charm and homey feel. Small living spaces like condominiums or apartments for rent in Wilmington, give you a unique opportunity to flaunt your style and your flair for creating an attractive interior for yourself.

You need a good eye and a sense of style to understand what works for your apartment and what doesn’t.

Decorating small living spaces can be challenging, as you need to fit in all the elements you need for comfortable living while making your room look inviting. However, it is possible to showcase your personality through your interior without your home looking cramped and cluttered if you follow the tips below.

  • Choose The Right Color Palette

When it comes to small apartments, you must create an illusion of a larger living space. You can do it by choosing a light color palette for your apartment that complements your furniture. You should consider light colors such as white, off-white, cream, or warm sand. If you prefer a bit of color on the walls, then opt for pastel shades such as pink, blue, lilac, and light green. These muted colors, tones, and accents help create an expansive feeling in your apartment.

White trimmings and sheer window curtains make your place feel airy. A soft color palette will also brighten up your small living space as light colors reflect light. You can use some border colors such as golden or browns for highlights and accents to add a touch of elegance.

  • Multifunctional Furniture is Your Best Friend 

Investing in multifunctional furniture will help you solve half your problems with a small living space. Multipurpose and foldaway furniture can be a real space saver in studio apartments and for functional spaces like remote housing camps, such as the Iron Guard man camp Pecos TX. Murphy beds that easily fold into the wall when you need more space offer a great solution to optimize your living space’s functionality.

 Another way to blend functionality and create room is to use a sofa come bed. This unique invention turns into a bed when you need to sleep and a couch when you want to kick back, relax and watch tv. It is perfect for studio apartments as they usually don’t have any bedrooms. So, you can turn your living space into a bedroom at night and a living room during the day. 

There are also hollow ottomans available in the market these days. They are popular in small living spaces as they can simultaneously act as your living room table and storage cabinet. Floating foldaway study tables and dining tables offer great functionality without compromising the freedom to move about.   


  • Make Use of Storage Organizers

Storage space may be the most challenging part of living in a small apartment. You need ingenious solutions to hide that unavoidable clutter efficiently and neatly. Fortunately, several storage inventions will help you with your problem these days.

You should invest in under-the-bed packing solutions for seasonal wear and extra bedding. Place DIY plastic shoe racks near the entrance to store your shoes. Since they have deep pockets, you can use back-of-the-door shoe hangers to organize stuff such as cleaning products, gloves, or even extra snacks. Space-saving hangers are another miracle for closet space as they help you neatly hang your clothes while utilizing limited space.

Stationery organizers, storage boxes, and drawers are some other tools to help order and arrange your stuff in your small living area.

  • Floating Furniture 

Installing floating furniture is a genius way to save floor space and give the apartment the illusion of being open and spacious. Floating furniture is mounted on the wall rather than standing on the floor. It provides the same functionality while giving you a better walking space.

Floating furniture is a trend nowadays, even in large houses. You can install floating kitchen cabinets to store your crockery and snacks. Floating bookshelves also look gorgeous on the wall while giving you space to store your books, ornaments, picture frames, and rewards efficiently, which otherwise might end up cluttering your living room table or dresser. You can install a wall mirror with a floating dressing table instead of cluttering your living space with a huge dresser.

  • Add Minimal Décor 

Adding your taste is crucial to making your living space feel like home. You can achieve this by selecting the right décor that matches your personality while making your apartment pop. 

For example, you can decorate a wall of your apartment with picture frames filled with family photos that will make you feel at home, or if you are somewhat of an artist, you can hang one or two paintings representative of your art. If you can invest in some pieces of abstract wall art, then they would act as a great décor for your home. Another popular idea is to hang beautiful fairy lights on the wall and clip polaroids along the length of it.

  • Use Available Space Creatively and Efficiently  

It would be best to utilize every corner of the room when you have a small living space. It is smart to use unused corner spaces for storage purposes. For example, you can buy a corner shelf to store extra essentials if you have some space beside your TV. You can also turn your windowsill into a bookshelf. If it is wide enough, you can keep some cushions and turn the window into a reading corner. In addition, you can buy some storage baskets to keep at the top of your fridge, where you can store your cereal boxes or extra crockery.

  • Clever Curtain Placement

Placing your curtain rods high closer to the ceiling creates the illusion of an elongated ceiling, making the living space look more spacious. 

Choose your drapes in a lighter color or a darker shade but in sheer fabric to give the room more air and light but stay away from drapes that pool at the bottom as it makes your apartment look untidy.

To Conclude

Interior designing of a small living space may feel like a difficult feat to achieve for some people. Still, it is easier in many ways than interior designing large living spaces. It is cheaper and less time-consuming, and you can easily give your personal touch to it. Just follow the tips mentioned above, and you’ll be all set.

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