Safety Advice: Tool Theft Prevention

Safety Advice

As a professional builder, your tools are your livelihood and need to be protected at all costs. Criminals will frequently target professional builders because these tools can be high value and worksites and vans are often left vacant overnight. You should always have builder’s insurance that covers tool theft for protection against the worst-case outcome, but there are a few steps that will hopefully prevent theft in the first place. Keep reading to find out more.

Boost Van Security

Vans are frequently targeted by criminals, so you want to boost van security with extra locks that will make it a lot harder for a criminal to gain access.

Take Tools Inside

As mentioned before, tools are often targeted because vans are left overnight. Therefore, you should take your tools inside at night and when you are not working so that you can keep them safe at home. Obviously, this will also need to be somewhere safe at home and not simply left in the garage.

Consider Where You Leave Your Van

Following this, you should also think about where you leave your van. Ideally, it should not be out of view while working and when at home. It is also important to park in a secure spot or next to a wall or fence so that people cannot access the side door when you are parked up.

Invest in Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great investment as a builder. You can have these pointed where you usually park your van or on the worksite, which will work both as a deterrent and by giving you video evidence in case anyone does attempt to break into your van. This will also give you reassurance and peace of mind.

Use Deterrent Stickers

Following this, you can also deter criminals with the use of stickers. If you have stickers on your van that read “no tools are left inside overnight” and/or “security cameras active” then this should prevent criminals from targeting your van. Criminals will never run the risk of breaking into a van if it is empty or if they know that they are being filmed, so this can be highly effective, particularly when combined with all of the above.

The above are all effective ways to protect your tools, van and livelihood. As a builder, your tools are your livelihood and it is vital that you know how to protect them. Builders and vans are frequently targeted by criminals, so you need to find ways to protect your business. As mentioned in the intro, business insurance covering tool theft will be a vital layer of defense should the worst happen, but you can also prevent people from stealing your tools and damaging your van with the above methods.

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